Destiny 2 and Riot force cheat vendors to give up

At Destiny 2 and Valuing Cheaters have it harder now. Bungie and Riot intimidate a cheat software seller with a joint lawsuit. This is Bungie’s second win against such a provider.

This lawsuit is about: MeinMMO reported on January 12th that the creators behind the two online shooters Destiny 2 and Valorant have teamed up in court. Bungie and Riot jointly filed a civil lawsuit against “GatorCheats” and its operator Cameron Santos.

The studio’s lawyers accused Santos of developing cheats and distributing them on his side. According to the indictment (via the following damage occurred:

  • Damage in the millions for Bungie and Riot – because both Destiny 2 and Valorant can be gambled for free and the main source of income is then in-game purchases.
  • However, irreparable damage was done to the image of Destiny 2 and Valorant and the trust of honest players was violated. Therefore, the custodians and agents spend less money in the shop.

Santos probably stole thousands of dollars in profit and did not respond to previous injunctions. Bungie and Riot therefore demanded compensation and that GatorCheats as well as the partner sites and social media accounts are no longer allowed to distribute cheats.

That’s it for the cheat shop

This is what happened now: An official judgment has not yet been made. So we don’t know whether or what sentence the California court will impose. But the lawsuit has already been successful.

GatorCheats has ceased operations. Whoever wants to visit the site is greeted by this text:

Here it says: “In accordance with a lawsuit filed by Riot Games and Bungie, GatorCheats will be closed indefinitely.” (As of 01/14/21)

We can find the same text on the GatorCheats Twitter account (via Twitter). On January 12th, the shop page said that you should return soon, only renovation work would take place for the time being. Now the operators have closed the site due to the lawsuit.

What does that mean? First of all, this means that wanton cheats have to get their cheats somewhere else. This doesn’t only apply to Destiny 2 and Valorant. For all other “supported” games, too, there is a shift in the shaft for the time being.

PCGamesN According to GatorCheats, in September 2020 Activision-Blizzard ordered an injunction under threat of lawsuit to stop using Cheats for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare and Warzone to spread. At that time, however, Santos would have maintained support for cheats that were already sold, just stopped selling new subscriptions.

Bungie and the fight against the cheaters

Especially the PC version of Destiny 2 is plagued by cheaters in the melting pot.

Bungie then announced that they wanted to fight the cheaters in silence. The Destiny developer is largely silent here – unfortunately very much to the chagrin of the community.

As a result, you don’t want to let the dishonest players look into your cards and use the surprise advantage. Santos is likely to be surprised by the lawsuit sought against him and the demanded payment of damages.

But already in October 2020 Bungie was able to score an important victory against another cheat seller:

Destiny 2 tackles the cheat problem at the root, forcing large providers to give up

Do you think that the cheat sellers are now gradually falling and that the cheaters can be mastered? Or will the players have to struggle with aim botters, wall hackers and worse for a long time? Tell us what you think about it in the comments.

For console custodians, better DDoS protection will also be available in spring 2021. What else we know about future content, you can read here: Destiny 2 revealed more to us in Season 13 than ever before

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