Destiny 2, Beyond the Light: “Crypt of the Stone” raid completed in 5:32 – News

Bungie launched this Saturday night the new Destiny 2 raid, during a “World First” event between several squads of veteran guards.

After 5 hours and 32 minutes of intense suspense, it is finally the Luminous clan which finished in “World First” the raid Crypt of the Stone. This one will have given less trouble to the guards than Garden of Salvation, the previous raid (of the Shadow Bastion expansion), which had been completed in just 6 hours.

It is therefore the 6 Guardians of Luminous who won in this race against time, which gathered up to 400,000 spectators on Twitch, as a witness to the newfound popularity of Bungie’s multiplayer and cooperative FPS.

Remember that for this event, Bungie had peaked at 1230 Power (and deactivated the Artifact) so that everyone is on an equal footing.

If the World First rewards are now distributed, players are nevertheless invited to continue their efforts, in particular to unlock the purchase of an exclusive jacket, provided they complete the raid by December 1. Finally, those who overcome this major challenge will all receive a special emblem, without limit of obtaining, as well as the loots which go with the various stages of the Crypt of the Stone.

Find the last minutes of the final fight

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