“Destitute and desperate”, these Iraqis returned disappointed from the borders of Europe

Hundreds of Iraqi nationals returned to their homes after “Abandoned their naive hope” to cross the borders of the European Union. Some of them recount their painful experience and their return, which is just as painful.

“Destitute and desperate.” This is howAl-Jazeera describes Iraqi nationals who returned to their country after their unsuccessful attempt to join the European Union from Belarus.

While most of the refugees and asylum seekers have decided to stay in Belarus with “The increasingly slim hope of one day being able to enter Poland”, others “Gave up their naive hope of success” and have decided to return home, writes the pan-Arab media.

This “naive hope of success”, Azad, 28, as well as his wife, both from the city of Duhok, in Iraqi Kurdistan, believed in it. He is one of 431 Iraqis repatriated on November 18 on board a plane chartered by Baghdad.

“Stuck here for the rest of our lives”

Back home, Azad and his wife are “Physically bruised” and suffer from “Indescribable emotional pain”, according to Al-Jazeera. Azad is fatalistic:

For now, we will try not to think too much about our future because as soon as we start to think, it will be obvious that we do not have one here in Kurdistan. […] But we both know we’re probably stuck here for the rest of our lives. ”

The two returnees say they were “Treated like animals” on the border between Poland and Belarus.

“We were victims


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