Destroyed Ferrari Enzo: mechanic dismantles a million-dollar rarity during a jaunt

Assuming you were allowed to buy a Ferrari Enzo at all, 20 years ago such a car cost 909,000 euros. If you want to put a copy in the garage today, the price is included around 2.8 million euros. All the more tragic when one of only 400 Enzos ever built was involved in an accident. That is exactly what happened in Baarn in the Netherlands, less than 40 kilometers from Amsterdam.

A dealer’s mechanic swerved off the road in broad daylight and parked the sports car in front of a tree, reports the regional newspaperThe Gooi and Eemlander“. Detailed photos left the carspotting channel European Carshots (Here is the Instagram profile) to the stern get. After a brief examination, he was released by rescue workers at the scene. The salvage of the car took longer, there is even one mehrminütiges Video of that.

Was arrogance the cause?

Not much is currently known about the course of the accident. But how to Google Maps As can be seen, the scene of the accident, the Amsterdamsestraatweg in Baarn, is a dead straight street. So what happened? the Mercury writes that a witness has come forward. Accordingly, the technician accelerated with the vehicle, lost control and was then thrown against a tree in the oncoming lane. The enormous forces that must have been at work can be seen from the vehicle.

The Ferrari Enzo lost both wheels on the passenger side as well as their drive shafts. Large parts of the fairing are also destroyed and a headlight is apparently missing. The car comes from the Ferrari Kroymans workshop in Hilversum. Whether the vehicle will be repaired is currently not certain, the car dealership said stern. Even if not: The accident car should also find a buyer in this condition who is looking for an expert to repair it. Of course, the value has suffered, but as rare as a Ferrari Enzo is, it is worth preserving.

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