Destruction Allstars: PS5 hit is getting additional content for a long time

The PS5-exclusive multiplayer game Destruction Allstars should keep you busy for a while. A comprehensive plan with subsequent game content should also help.

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With Destruction Allstars early PS5 owners get an exclusive title at hand, even for free via PlayStation Plus. You can expect destruction derby action with a multiplayer focus that should keep you busy for a while. Background: Even after the release, the game will be comprehensively supplied with fresh content.

Lucid Games and Sony xDev have now communicated plans for the free February title on PS Plus in an interview. According to John McLaughlin, there should already be a corresponding “plan for the coming year” for action-based racing fun. Destruction Allstars will be provided with additional content as a live service for at least twelve months.

However, there is no fixed schedule of publications. Rather, they also want to analyze game data and thus determine what the gamers are actually most concerned with. You have “countless cool things” up your sleeve and already planned, but you also want to get in touch with the community and respond to their needs. For a live service game, “listening to what people say,” said McLaughlin, is of great importance.

In this respect, the developer also seems to have a slice of the so successful Fall Guys wanting to cut off. The indie hit found a good balance between pre-planned additional content and content requested by players based on feedback.

Destruction Allstars – Meet Your Allstars Trailer

The video introduces the protagonists in the PS5 title Destruction Allstars.

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