Detail revealed on transfer of Jude Bellingham to Birmingham

In the new podcast “Die Dortmund-Woche”, SPORT1 chief reporter Patrick Berger and SPORT1 reporter Oli Müller talk about current issues at Borussia Dortmund. After the spectacle week with furious victories in Leverkusen (4: 3), in Istanbul (2: 1) and against Union Berlin (4: 2) there is a lot to work on in the premiere episode. Hui in front, ugh in the back – the offensive engine is running, but the tide of goals conceded remains. How does coach Marco Rose want to get this under control? Pleasing from BVB’s point of view: Thomas Meunier draws attention to himself with three assists in three consecutive games and finally shows why BVB brought him into the pot a year and a half ago. It is also revealed what percentage of the transfer rights Borussia really has to cede to training club Birmingham City in the event of a sale of super talent and what the exact BVB plan with storm star Erling Haaland looks like. Listen now! The SPORT1 podcast “Die Dortmund-Woche” is now always open on, in the SPORT1 app and available on the popular streaming platforms Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Amazon Music, Deezer and Podigee.

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