Details about the third booster dose.. These are the beneficiaries. Have we come close to community immunity?

Have we come close to the societal immunity that prevents the evil of Corona, or is the launch of the Ministry of Health by giving the third booster dose of the vaccine, more parallel to the idea of ​​catching up with the recommendations of the World Health Organization compared to our actual need for it in Lebanon, with the disparity in the rates of turnout for the vaccine and the survival of many in the category of hesitant people who did not They receive it after the first dose. Whatever those legitimate approaches or questions are, get ready for the third dose.

As part of the launch of the “Know, Register, Feed, Remorse” campaign, which will continue until the end of last year, the Ministry’s teams, through the health care network, in partnership with municipalities and the civil sector, are touring remote villages to reach the largest possible number of citizens to urge them. to receive the Corona vaccine. Perhaps society’s need for immunity is more today than ever, especially as we are facing the winter season and the return of children to school, and the danger of the new mutant from the virus, which translates the fear of the unknown future as long as we are still in the danger circle, and we have never even come out of it. With the number of injuries declining. Today, the Ministry of Health is walking in a parallel line with the recommendations of the World Health Organization, and Lebanon will actually enter the stage of the third dose of the Corona vaccine, which is confirmed by Dr. Randa Hammadi, head of the Primary Health Care Department at the Ministry of Health, noting that during this week, those who are 75 years old and under Click to receive messages on their phones for the date of the third booster dose.

Hammadi confirms to “Lebanon 24” that the vaccine with the third dose will be “Pfizer” even if the person receives the first and second doses of the “AstraZeneca” vaccine, for example, and this comes “with the aim of protecting the citizen from future mutations, as we do not know what awaits us, and we are proceeding under the guidance of an organization The World Health Organization, and of course there is a national scientific committee that takes the optimal decision for the Lebanese regarding the course of the pandemic.”

Vaccination conditions
Hammadi says: “The messages will arrive to receive the dose, initially for those aged 75 and over, to gradually reach the age of sixty, provided that any citizen of them receives the two doses. The individual will take the third dose even if he is infected with corona after vaccination, but based on certain calculations of the timing of the injury. Until recovery, each case is monitored individually.
Therefore, Lebanon in this way applies the standards of the World Health Organization, so is it possible to talk about our approach to community immunity, or is it too early to talk about it?

societal immunity
Hammadi says: “No. This is a legitimate question, which motivates citizens to vaccinate. But the truth is that we are still at an early stage to reach community immunity. We can say that in Lebanon we are protected, for example, there is no public transport that increases the rate of terrifying injuries, as well as We were one of the first countries that rushed to enter the vaccine race, and there is also awareness among the largest number of Lebanese.All of this makes us safe to a specific percentage, but if we reach immunity, we tell the citizens that everyone has to act in terms of awareness and responsibility, everyone is following procedures Preventing his location, so that his family would be immune from the virus.
It is not possible, then, to underestimate the future with regard to the course of Corona, with the presence of mutants, and we have seen what happened in several countries. Today, the Ministry of Health is completing the campaign “Know, register, feed, regret does not work”, and its next destination after Akkar and Denniye will be in Baalbek-Hermel, as Hammadi confirms.
Hammadi continues: “We were very surprised by the desire of the citizens in the villages we went to to take the vaccine, here we can talk about a shortcoming on our part, as there are large areas where there may be only one vaccination center. Through the campaign, we wanted to reach each person in his home, through the network National Health Care in cooperation with municipalities and the private sector.
The nightmare of Corona is not over yet, and individual and national responsibility grows daily as long as we are still recording daily injuries and deaths, in a country that can no longer bear losses, so protect your health “if you are not caramel, the sand that you love.”


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