details of how it was and what happened

To the information of interest that you have Gerard Piqué for finding a house close to Shakira’sa new story was added about what happened in the last meeting between the two celebrities.

The event occurred shortly after the day they signed an agreement for their children in Barcelona, ​​at which time they indicated there was tension and they didn’t even look at each other.

For this reason, the medium that spoke of a alleged new boyfriend that Shakira would have “To forget Piqué” he released details about how the most recent cross between the two celebrities was.

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Shakira and Gerard Piqué experienced an uncomfortable scene: details of how it was and what happened

According to the portal The National of Catalonia, the event happened at the Christmas function of Sasha’s school, the youngest son of both, where they stated that there was “embarrassment”. There, they gave some information about what happened.

“The scene was uncomfortable for everyone. The soccer player sat in one part and the singer in another, again they tried not to coincide. Also, they entered at different times. They jumped the queue of the rest of the parents to avoid questions, ”explained the outlet.

They indicated that Shakira She was accompanied “at all times” by her brother Tonino Mebarak, while the Spaniard had the company of his mother, Montserrat Bernabéu. The end of that match was marked by that same distance.

“Piqué left first as soon as the performance was over, Shakira stayed a few more minutes to say goodbye to some parents from her children’s class and the school staff,” the text ended.

Spanish media have stated that The Colombian singer already has a date to move to Miami (United States), a subject that the father of his children is already aware of.

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