Details of the arrest of a veiled young man inside a girls’ school in Fayoum..Live

The Seventh Day TV presented a new live broadcast entitled “Details of the arrest of a veiled young man after entering a commercial school in Fayoum.” The seventh day reviewed the incident of a young man entering the drowning commercial school wearing a niqab and entering while the female students were entering the school.

Dr. Hamdi Mohamed, director of the Atsa Educational Department in Fayoum Governorate, said that this incident occurred a few days ago, when the workers responsible for security discovered at the school gate the entry of a young man wearing the niqab into the school, and as soon as he crossed the gate, they suspected him and talked to him and discovered that he was a young man and not a veiled student.

The director of the administration confirmed that they informed him of the incident and immediately the police were informed and a report was issued about the incident and the young man was arrested.

The director of the administration pointed out that the young man was arrested as soon as he entered the school door and was unable to enter the school, enter the classrooms, or mix with girls.


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