Detroit transfers Bruce Brown to the Nets!

After the Lakers who strengthened themselves with Dennis Schrder, it’s Brooklyn’s turn to dominate the transfer market. The Nets have just acquired the back of the Pistons, Bruce Brown. A nice catch of net made by the team of Steve Nash which strengthens on his backcourt. In his second year in the League, Brown showed real progress at all levels. It thus increased from 4.3 points 38.9% on shots, 2.5 rebounds and 1.2 passes in 2019 8.9 points 44.3% on shots, 4.7 rebounds and 4.0 assists last season. Rput excellent defender, he could support Kyrie Irving in the thankless tasks on this side of the floor. This movement certainly appeals to other Brooklyn. There are several rumors of the Big Apple which could host very heavy this offseason: James Harden Jrue Holiday, there is no lack of hallway noise.

In the other direction, Detroit recovers the second round of draft of the Nets 2021 and the Bosnian Dzanan Musa. This is the first trade of Troy Weaver as a general manager and difficult to see a short term success. Brown had developed well Motor City which is in the process of rebuilding. Talents are scarce in the backcourt of the Pistons who welcome in exchange a player still fallow. For two years Brooklyn, Musa has only participated in 49 games for a still very meager contribution: 4.3 points 37.6% on shots, 1.9 rebounds and 0.9 assists. And it is not a distant second round of draft that will pass the pill for the supporters of Detroit.

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