Devano Danendra Sakit Hati. His work is covered by the big name Iis Dahlia


Devano danendra realized he was born by Iis Dahlia who also has a big name. As an artist’s son, Devano knows there is a burden he has to bear.

There are times when Devano Danendra expresses his heart on social media. Like when he confessed about the blasphemy that had been given to Iis Dahlia.

“Um, there is a burden, of course. Maybe I can say that as an artist’s child, I have his own burdens, so like what I like to tell social media too, I can’t be creative,” he said. Devano danendra in the Transmedia building, South Jakarta.

However, there were things that hurt him. Devano Danendra was disappointed when his works were closed the name Iis Dahlia.

“Sometimes what makes me feel hurt is like you want to make a work but still keep your name closed with what you’re doing. Is that what makes me feel like I’m still in the entertainment world?” said Devano Danendra.

“Because I’m like that often,” he added.

Often felt like that, Devano Danendra admitted that he now had the courage to vent his heart out to his parents, especially Iis Dahlia. In fact, this method made Iis Dahlia and her husband better understand and know what Devano Danendra wanted.

“But now, a few months ago I had the opportunity to open a conversation, finally, thank God I opened a conversation with my family and we really learned what we were keeping,” said Devano Danendra, who had just released a single titled Rembulan.

Devano Danendra revealed that there had indeed been a miscommunication within his family. The way to talk together with each other brings out the contents of each other’s hearts, Devano danendra thankful that now his family understands each other better.

“So they really understand each other, me, my brother, mother, father, everyone. Because honestly, yesterday we had a little misscom because we rarely had quality time. It seems like it often happens with other families too. here we already support each other and understand each other, “he explained.

“Most importantly, in my opinion, the family understands each other,” concluded Devano Danendra.

As a result, Devano Danendra also did not deny that Iis Dahlia’s big name had become a stumbling block for his career.

“Yes, it was a burden,” said Devano Danendra.

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