Devastating accidents cut off the Internet globally.. These are the 5 most severe strikes of them

The internet outage affected, on Tuesday, the websites of major companies such as The New York Times, CNN, Amazon and other high-traffic sites.

Although the holidays It was paused for an hour, due to a problem with the San Francisco cloud service provider FastlyHowever, this incident was not the first, and it will not be the last.

About an hour after the interruptions occurred, she said Fastly On its website, it has identified a problem and implemented a fix, allowing affected sites to return to the Internet.

A spokesman for Fastly declined to go into details, while specialists stressed that as long as large companies tend to large providers of Internet services, the risks of recurring this problem will remain, and the market will not provide a foothold for small companies or competition in the sectors of big data or cloud computing that require huge investments. .

Al reviews a list of the most famous incidents of internet outage or disruption on a large scale in the world: –

hacker attack 2016

Affected countries: the United States and Europe. Impact: Millions of users of popular sites including Airbnb, Amazon, BBC, CNN, eBay, Netflix and Twitter.

In October 2016, some Internet services around the world stopped, after hackers targeted through DDoS attacks the systems operated by Internet service providers in a number of countries in the world.

Believed to be the largest DDoS attack in history, hackers infiltrated software inside peripherals such as printers, IP cameras and baby monitors, according to techradar.

British Airways Network (2017)

Affected countries: United Kingdom/its worldwide network.

Russian pirates

Impact: Thousands of passengers around the world.

The technical failure brought the company’s entire fleet to a standstill, leaving thousands of passengers stranded on one of the UK’s busiest travel weekends.

An IT maintenance contractor accidentally shut down a “power supply” in a major data center, which damaged the server, and besides compensation, the accident had an impact on the company’s reputation.

Amazon Web Services Down (2017)

Affected countries: a global problem. Impact: Millions of cloud and website users.

The storage service has experienced complex issues resulting in partial or complete outages on a number of popular websites, apps, and devices. Affected sites included Quora, Business Insider, Slack, and others. It originated in the US-East-1 data center, and it is believed that the problem could have been avoided if the developers had placed their applications on different servers.

Vodafone Data Center (2011)

Affected countries: United Kingdom. Impact: Thousands of Vodafone customers.

Mobile operator Vodafone learned a hard lesson from this incident, that thieves breached its data center in Hampshire causing massive outages.

Whole Country Offline (2011)

Affected countries: Republic of Armenia.

Perhaps the most humorous of all was the accident, caused by a 75-year-old woman digging for scrap metal and inadvertently damaging a line of underground cables.


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