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Development of chewing gum to block COVID-19 infection… 95% of the virus in saliva ‘drops’

When a research team at the University of Pennsylvania in the United States applied a gum ingredient injected with angiotensin-converting enzyme (ACE2) to the saliva of a patient with the Corona 19 virus (left), the number of Corona 19 virus was significantly reduced. (Picture source = Captured from the University of Pennsylvania website) © News 1

(Seoul = News 1) Bioreporter Seong Jae-joon = A study result that can reduce the spread of the new coronavirus infection (COVID-19) with chewing gum has been published in the United States. The research team expects that it will be of additional help in physical quarantine measures such as wearing a mask to prevent infection caused by the spread of droplets (saliva) among COVID-19 patients in the future.

The joint research team of the University of Pennsylvania School of Dentistry and College of Medicine announced on the website on the 3rd that they confirmed that this gum containing angiotensin-converting enzyme 2 (ACE2) neutralized the virus in an experiment with the saliva of a COVID-19 patient.

The results of this study were published in “Molecular Therapy”, a sister journal of the international academic journal Nature on the 10th of last month.

ACE2 is present on the surface of many cells in the body and is involved in regulating body fluid volume, blood pressure, and vascular function. When the Corona 19 virus penetrates cells, the spike protein on the surface binds to ACE2, penetrates the cell membrane and infects the cells.

A research team led by Henry Daniel, a professor at the University of Pennsylvania’s School of Dentistry, has been conducting research on ACE2 enzymes for the treatment of high blood pressure patients before the COVID-19 pandemic. In addition, a study was conducted to develop a chewing gum infused with vegetable protein to remove plaque (plaque) from patients.

The research team combined ACE2-related research and patented plant-based protein production technology to test the oral virus-neutralizing effect of chewing gum injected with ACE2 protein in the oral cavity of COVID-19 patients.

First, in order to effectively pass through the oral mucosa, ‘CTB-ACE2’ protein, which combines cholera toxin B protein (CTB) and ACE2, was administered to the cinnamon-flavored gum tablet.

Afterwards, the research team incubated nasopharyngeal swabs taken from patients who tested positive for COVID-19 with this gum and confirmed that ACE2 contained in the gum neutralized the virus. The viral RNA level dropped so rapidly that it was almost imperceptible.

As a result of the gene amplification (PCR) test, the level of the Corona 19 virus was reduced by 95%. In addition, it combined with the spike protein (VSV-S) of the stomatitis virus as well as the Corona 19 virus, reducing the level of the virus by 85%.

The research team explained that chewing gum could block the cell’s ACE2 receptor or bind directly to the viral spike protein to prevent viral particles from entering the cell, thereby reducing the viral load in saliva and potentially inhibiting viral transmission. Also, based on this study, if this gum succeeds in commercialization, it is expected that another tool can be added to suppress the spread of the virus at a low cost.

“The oral approach of making a protein from a plant and applying it to the oral cavity is inexpensive and can extend the scope of application,” said Ronald Coleman, professor at the University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine.

This research is still in the laboratory stage and has to undergo clinical trials before it can be commercialized. The research team is currently preparing to apply for a clinical trial to evaluate the safety and efficacy of COVID-19 patients.

When commercialized, the research team expects that it will be applicable to situations where patients who cannot know whether or not they are infected with COVID-19 will have to take off their masks, such as dental treatment and check-ups, or caregivers who work next to patients.

The research team said, “Although masks and other physical methods are reducing the possibility of transmission of COVID-19, this gum can be used as an additional tool that can be used in the fight against COVID-19.”

Professor Daniel said, “When a COVID-19 patient sneezes, coughs or talks, the virus can be released and infect others. This gum can neutralize the virus in saliva in a simple way, reducing the transmission of the disease.” he explained.

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