Development of Dying Light 2 endangered. The employees are dissatisfied

Some time has passed since the announcement of the continuation of this parkour-laden zombie event and the game is still nowhere. At the beginning of the year Techland reassured the fans and promised some news for 2021, but the news that emerged directly from the studio staff leaves us in doubt.

According to a report published by The Gamer magazine, it it doesn’t look rosy in the Techland workplace. According to employees, the studio was destroyed “Autocratic leadership, poor planning and a toxic work culture”, cwhich is reflected in the development itself Dying Light 2whose „iterativní“ The design process is described by some as “Production pipelines that change so fast and so often that they might not even exist.”

Another problem that arises in the workplace, there is a lack of creativityfor which employees who would try little but not CEO Pawel Marchewka himself. He wants to look at the work of other studios, such as the CD Projekt Red, when developing games, which leads to creating systems and mechanics that do not have much originality.

One Techland employee commented: “There is nothing wrong with comparing the competition, but Techland crosses any logical line. Very often you are asked, or rather expected, to show a demonstration of the work of a competitor in front of your own. It often ends simply by repeating what others have done, which has nothing to do with the creativity on which society relies. ”

Executive Director Pawel Marchewka is a frequent target of complaints and one of them is his homophobic views on employee creations. In his defense, Marchewka said that when they are discussed, his team leads “live” debates, and in fact not he did not deny that he was inappropriate and only said that the team “reminds our employees to make sure they are communicating properly. “

Put all this together and you will certainly not get a very pleasant workplace, which you would immediately flock to. No wonder that morale is very low in Techland at the moment, which one of the employees talked about. “The culture of society will teach you that nothing will ever be approved. This is actually a well-known joke in Techland that nothing is ever approved, including the name of the game. You are being told to do the work you approved for a month again because the CEO changed his mind after seeing something on the internet. Then you were told that you were working too slowly and did not have the skills to submit your work on time. “

Besides that last month, the lead story designer left the studio, so over the last few months About 20 people left Techland. With the fact that the main reason for leaving is most often cited by the executive director Pawel Marchewka. He added the following: “It’s hard to make games and it’s normal that sometimes you need to change workplaces and look for new challenges. I am very sorry that some of our employees left us and decided to find a way outside the structures of Techland, but I would always wish them the best. ”

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So how will it be with Dying Light 2? It’s hard to say, the game is being worked on, of course, but according to one of the employees the story of the game was rewritten about six times. He also mentions that something like this could work for a smaller project like the first Dying Light, but in the case of such a large title, this approach is not the best choice.

Dying Light 2 is in development for PC, Xbox One, Xbox Series X / S, PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5. No release date has been set yet, but Apparently Techland should share some of the news in the near future. At this point, however, I would be more afraid of whether the game will ever be completed at all.

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