Health Development of identified infections in Amstelveen

Development of identified infections in Amstelveen


Amstelveen – According to the latest update of the RIVM, a total of 75 Amstelveners have now been tested positive for the Corona virus (COVID-19), as reported by the GGD Amsterdam yesterday evening.

In recent days, the number of positive tests (identified infections) in Amstelveen has increased more than before. The graph above shows the development of the total number of positive tests in Amstelveen since March 5, the day that a resident of Amstelveen was tested positive for the first time.

It is unknown how many people have been healed; as far as is known, so far 1 Amstelveen resident died of COVID-19.

The Netherlands
In the Netherlands, the number of positive tests today increased by 1104 to 10,866. 132 deaths were reported to RIVM in the past 24 hours. In total, until now and as far as reported to RIVM, COVID-19 has killed 771 people in the Netherlands.

Actual infections
The actual number of infections with the new coronavirus is higher than the number reported by RIVM. This is because (by far) not everyone is tested with possible contamination.

Source: RIVM


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