Developments in the health status of Wafa Makki after she was infected with the Coronavirus

The artist Ashraf Zaki, the captain of the acting professions, revealed the developments of the artist’s health Wafa Makki After she was infected with the Coronavirus and suffers from severe symptoms.

Ashraf Zaki told “Vito”: She is currently in Al-Haram Hospital and contacted the hospital today, and they told me that her condition is stable.

The artist, Wafa Makki, had appealed to the Ministry of Health to intervene and transfer her to a hospital, given that she was suffering from a deterioration in her health due to her infection with the Corona virus.

She said that her infection with the virus goes back to 10 days, when she began receiving treatment, but her health has not seen any improvement, and has become from bad to worse, as she put it, and she appealed to the Ministry of Health officials, saying: “I am not able to take myself and need an Arab ambulance to take me to the hospital.”

And she continued: “10 days ago, I began to feel symptoms of infection with the Coronavirus, and I called the doctor and explained to him what I was feeling and sent me the treatment protocol, and despite my persistence on treatment, the symptoms became worse until I could not breathe.”

Theatrical Professions Syndicate response

The Representative Professions Syndicate responded, and the actress Wafa Makki was contacted after her help as a result of her infection with the Coronavirus and her severe symptoms, indicating that she was transferred to Al-Haram Hospital to receive the Corona treatment protocol.

It is worth noting that Wafa Makki returned to the media for the first time last March, after her release from prison, where she spent nearly 10 years behind bars, after being convicted in the case of torture and detention of two maids, by the Shebin El-Kom Criminal Court in Menoufia Governorate, in 2001, but The sentence was later reduced to three years.

On the crisis of her imprisonment, she said during her appearance on the program “Cairo Today” for the media, Buthaina Tawakkol and the artist Edward, that she does not feel that she is going through a crisis from the beginning, but it is just a “funny” experience for her.

Makki indicated that she plans to return to her work again, where she has received offers to participate in a number of artworks, but she apologized for her because of her son’s injury, which forced her to stay with him in the hospital for 4 consecutive weeks.

Her last artistic participation was in the 2015 Ramadan drama season, in the series “The Nightmare” with the artist Ghada Abdel Razek, and over the course of her artistic career, she presented a number of famous works, including “Wolves of the Mountain”, “Against the Government”, “Cheap Meat” and “Al Raya.” Beida ».


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