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Devs claim a Russian arms company stole their shotgun design

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The development of a game is just the tip of an iceberg that involves all kinds of legal details because at all times it must be ensured that what has been done is in order in various matters such as copyright laws. At the same time, it is necessary for creatives to know how to protect their work by preventing any controversy and an example of the above has been presented with the developers of the indie FPS Oceanic that they are about to start a dispute with the Russian arms giant Kalashnikov.

A lawsuit against an arms company in Russia?

According to information from IGN and Kotaku, an unexpected controversy has arisen in the indie video game scene as Ward B, the studio responsible for the Futuristic FPS Oceanic in development, accuses the Russian arms manufacturer, Kalashnikov, of having stolen the design of a shotgun that is part of the weaponry of the game. At first you might think of a coincidence that could start a legal dispute, but in this case it is not so, since Ward B and Kalashnikov did have a relationship.

The foregoing was confirmed by the general director of the study, Marcellino Sauceda, who assured that at the beginning of 2021 the Kalashnikov company approached the team to express their liking for the game and the theme it was handling, this with the aim of establishing a business relationship . Specifically, Kalashnikov expressed his liking for the Mastodon shotgun that you can see below:

Mastodon shotgun designed by Ward B – Image: Kotaku

Kalashnikov wanted to reach a trade agreement but something went wrong

The interest of the Russian company was to turn the Mastodon shotgun into a real weapon and in return offered the corresponding credits, probably an amount of money, and 3 real pieces that would be delivered to Ward B. However, at the time of writing and signing the No one Kalashnikov contracts appeared.

It was then that the controversy began as the company presented the MP-155 Ultima shotgun to the market, which, according to Ward B, has as its origin the Mastodon shotgun from Oceanic whose design and elements, then, would have been stolen by Kalashnikov.

Escopeta Kalashnikov MP-155 Ultima - Imagen: Ward B
Escopeta Kalashnikov MP-155 Ultima – Imagen: Ward B

In the framework of Ward B’s accusation against Klashnikov, the video game studio points out that there are clear elements to consider the theft of the shotgun design, although both versions differ in their final model. For his part, a representative of the Russian company assured that the deal fell apart when inconsistencies were detected in the origin of the funds that make the development of the game possible and in the payment proposals, which made them doubt about the true possession of the rights to the design of the shotgun.

So far, Ward B has sent the traditional cease & desist letters to Kalashnikov, but it appears that there will be no response from the company until the matter is brought before the authorities in charge of seeking justice.

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