Deyun Club, Happy Twist and others play “Tuan Zong” comedy variety show stand on the new runway

Deyun Club, Happy Twist and others play “Tuan Zong” comedy variety show stand on the new runway

2021-10-26 09:43:16Source: Xi’an Evening News

As talk shows are no longer new, video platforms and satellite TV are now accelerating the new layout of comedy variety shows. Following the “Ivory Mountain Love Troupe”, teams including Deyun Club and Happy Twist also joined the official announcement last week to join the Xin Tuan Zong (the abbreviation of the group variety show, the same below); in addition, the “Annual Comedy” The enthusiasm of many comedy variety shows such as “The Contest” has also given people a glimpse of the new runway on the comedy variety station-innovation and youth are becoming the common pursuit of comedy variety shows.

From the earliest “Comedy Garden”, to the popular “Swordsman”, “Happy Comedian”, “I’m a Comedy Crazy”, to the dazzling variety of talk shows, comedy variety shows have developed for many years. It has always been an unstoppable “army” in variety shows. But in the past two years, with the increasing production of comedy variety shows, many obvious problems have also arisen-too many homogenized programs, not enough new faces, and over-reliance on certain celebrity comedians.

Since the beginning of this year, many comedy variety shows such as “Serious Gagamen”, “It’s Beautiful to Smile”, “Deyun Dou Laughter Club”, “Sister Club”, “Ivory Mountain Love Group” and other comedy variety shows have been freed from the shackles and have been created by various platforms and satellite channels. Among them, “De Yun Dou Laughter Club”, which performed well, benefited from the broader audience base of cross talk, the fans of popular actors and the blessing of well-known directors. The first season received a “good start” and the second season was soon launched. The pace of innovation has accelerated this month: on the 15th of this month, after preparing for more than half a year, the original comedy competition by Huang Bo, Li Dan, Ma Dong, Xu Zheng, and Yu Hewei, the new variety show “Annual Comedy Competition”, entered the game strongly and went live. On the first day, 35 Weibo hot searches and entertainment hot searches were won. This show includes sketch comedy, comics, musicals, mime and other forms. In addition to the big celebrities, it also gathers dozens of talented comedy newcomers to give niche groups the space to express comedy. As of October 25, the Douban score of the show reached 7.8 points, and it contributed a lot of “famous scenes” that the audience talked about.

The reporter noticed that the comedy variety shows that have recently appeared on stage or officially announced are all looking for more space beyond the traditional sketches, cross talks, quyi and even talk shows. For example, it was announced last week that Happy Twice’s first group variety show “Twice Special Happy”, which will be launched on Youku in December, will begin comedy assessment through the creation of a new script. Shen Teng revealed that each episode of the program is adapted from the stories of ordinary people, and there will also be suspenseful factors in the comedy variety show. He hopes to give 12 ordinary people a little smile through the 12 episodes.

The “Deyun Men’s Group” also announced on October 20th that it will launch a new indoor group variety “Youth Guardian” in December after the second season of the Deyun Society’s “De Yun Dou Laughter Club”. The reporter learned from the relevant person in charge of Tianjin Satellite TV that this program is positioned as “the first variety show in the Deyun Club National Tide Culture Week Broadcasting Studio”. It will combine the cultural themes that are most concerned by young people nowadays. “The program will be played through games. , Cross talk, performance and other different plots, leading the audience to unlock the front and back scenes of the Deyun brothers, experience the modern expression of traditional culture and cross talk.” Like many popular variety shows, such as Wang Jiulong, Zhang Jiu-nan, Shang Jiu-xi, and Qin Xiaoxian, the “Deyun Brothers” have set up a surprise “flying guest” in each issue, which is more in line with the preferences of young audiences.

On the new runway, comedians “show their magical powers” and bring multiple comedy forms into variety shows, refreshing the general audience’s understanding of “comedy”. Although innovations are risky, there is no doubt that these innovations have re-attracted the audience’s attention to comedy variety shows, helping modern people to release pressure, and at the same time broadening the cognitive boundaries of comedy. On the other hand, these newly launched comedy variety shows, without exception, emphasize the importance of “newcomers”, which will undoubtedly help the booming development of the entire comedy industry-after all, the development of comedy variety shows cannot be separated from The audience and the rich and diverse stage are also inseparable from the continuous source of fresh blood.Reporter Sun Huan


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