DFB apologizes for General Secretary Friedrich Curtius’ Wikipedia article

During the revision of the Wikipedia entry, however, it was neglected to mark the changes made as “paid editing”. According to the DFB, the reason for this was the conviction that the information provided was »neutral and verifiable«. DER SPIEGEL, who was able to see the contract for the preparation of Curtius’ Wikipedia article, had reported about it firstthat the association signed a contract with the consulting company Esecon in 2019. The DFB does not name the reason for this. Likewise, no position is taken as to whether the money used for this comes from the association’s treasury and how high the sum was.

There are eight days between this report and the opinion of the DFB. Wikipedia had on Tuesday Clarification required from the DFB about the entry to the General Secretary. The DFB then confessed to mistakes that the procedure contradicted »the rules of Wikipedia. The DFB therefore fully understands the criticism and apologizes in all forms. “

Wikipedia added a warning to the entry on Curtius. “The neutrality of this article or section is disputed,” is written directly below the name.

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