DFB-Pokal: Five goals, cup final, but in the end BVB is shocked

SYou came to Dortmund with plenty of laurels. Aspirant for promotion in the second division, won four cup rounds, Holstein Kiel even threw the big Bavarians out of the DFB Cup. So now the BVB as the last stage before the big goal: the final in Berlin. No player in the squad of the second division had made it so far.

But the cup fright experienced just this in the semifinals. Before the outsider knew it, he was hopelessly behind. In the end there was a 5-0 (5-0) for BVB, who will now face RB Leipzig in the final on May 13 in Berlin.

“Of course we took Kiel seriously. You kicked Bayern out. For us it was of course great that we were already 5-0 up at halftime, ”said Emre Can after the final whistle. Marco Reus, whose goal Can had set up, also said that you had seen how “greedy” BVB was for the title.

The Dortmund team suffered the only alleged setback 24 hours before kick-off. Erling Haaland, the blonde life insurance company, had to give up on Friday after a final acid test. “It didn’t make any sense. The problems were too big, ”said licensed game manager Sebastian Kehl of the muscular problems of his striker, which had been caused by a blow in the game against Wolfsburg. The whole week the medical department had tried to take care of the Norwegian, but the risks remained too great and the pain too severe.

Hazard plays for Haaland

Thorgan Hazard moved into the starting line-up for Haaland, and yet the prevented person threw his left fist in the air early on in the stands after the first effective hit on the field early on. Jadon Sancho approached the Kiel penalty area in a half-left position and, shortly before penetrating, laid across Giovanni Reyna, who placed the ball in the lower right corner of the goal (16.). Haaland had barely sat down and put the Faust, which was presented again while sitting, back into the pocket of his jacket, and it was again the 18-year-old American who made his colleagues cheer (23).

Thorgan Hazard scored the meanwhile 4-0

Source: AP / Friedemann Vogel

Dortmund were on their heels in the semifinals of the very early preliminary decision: Captain Reus took the ball with his heel in the penalty area, put it back on Raphael Guerreiro, who – also with a heel kick – on Reyna at the far post forwarded. And anyone who was still puzzled as to whether the preliminary decision had already been brought about with the hit that was worth seeing received immediate certainty.

Can, who came into the team for the suspended Mahmoud Dahoud, lobbed into the penalty area with feeling, where Reus increased to 3-0 (26th). After Hazard’s 4-0 win (32nd), Haaland applauded happily. Jude Bellingham increased against the best defense in the second division before the break to 5-0 (42nd).

“We missed everything, didn’t have a good grip, didn’t get into the duels. I don’t know if we thought we’d play a bit here. You have to hurt your opponent from time to time. We never made it. Perhaps there was a lack of liveliness, ”speculated Fin Bartels after the game. But you still have “great goals” in mind.

Morey’s bad injury

Kiel’s coach Ole Werner had reminded immediately before kick-off that “we will have phases in which we have to survive something.” He was absolutely right. In any case, the first one had to be marked fairly precisely. It lasted exactly 45 minutes.

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Already during the break, Kiel’s managing director announced the swan song, listed what was lacking in his team’s game. It was a long list that began with “readiness for action” and ended with “readiness to run”: “We had no chance”, recognized Uwe Stöver, who had seen “a class difference”.

However, the Kiel-based company could at least compensate for this on paper in the coming weeks. KSV Holstein, currently in fourth place in the second division, has three catch-up games to make it into the Bundesliga for the first time.

Borussia Dortmund v Holstein Kiel - DFB Cup: Semi Final

Mateu Morey is carried out of the interior by paramedics

Source: Friedemann Vogel – Pool / Getty Images / Pool

In the end, however, BVB’s joy was dampened by a serious injury to Mateu Moreys. The painful screams of the BVB defender, whose knee buckled badly, could be heard in the empty Dortmund stadium up to the stands. Haaland, too, put his hands over his face in shock.

“You heard straight away that the injury was severe. The joy is therefore limited. This is extremely bitter for the boy, I think he has already had a cruciate ligament tear, “Can commented on the scene, visibly affected. “It hurts everyone here in the team because he’s a super boy.”

“It was a perfect evening up to this scene in the 75th minute, but that hurts extremely and spoils the mood,” said Terzic about the injury while Morey was being taken to the hospital.

In terms of sport, on the other hand, at the end of a turbulent season, after four wins in a row (13: 1 goals), the team can still eradicate a lot. BVB has put itself in a promising position. “We really want to go to the Champions League. We really want to go to Berlin, ”Terzic said before the game. Goals that the team met with their demeanor.


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