Sport DFL schedule: This is how the Bundesliga should be...

DFL schedule: This is how the Bundesliga should be brought to an end


Frankfurt –

The plan is in place, the 36 Bundesliga and 2nd Bundesliga clubs have agreed on how the season should end despite the corona crisis.

Surprisingly, the plan does almost no English weeks. The prerequisite for the plans to become reality: the health authorities and politicians give the green light. The games should of course take place without spectators.

Bundesliga should be finished by June 30th

The remaining nine game days are scheduled to be completed by June 30. That reports the “kicker”. Accordingly, the concept envisages resuming play on the first or second weekend in May (matchday 26). During the week, the game Bremen against Frankfurt, currently the only catch-up game, will be made up for.

The season should then continue as usual on the following weekends. Depending on whether the 26th matchday can start on the first or second weekend in May, it would only take one English week to get through the season including relegation by June 30th. (krä)


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