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Diablo 4 is the second wave of Beta public testing. Players can choose necromancers and druids in the game that the first wave of public testing has not yet opened. In Diablo 3, the necromancer is the first choice for many people to pioneer. In this public beta, you can also experience the zombie summoning and corpse explosion skills. The summoning can enslave multiple skeletons and undead at the same time. Use it when encountering a large number of enemies The coolness of the corpse explosion skill is very high. In addition to transforming into bears and wolves, druids can also manipulate natural spells to summon rolling stones or lightning. In addition, summoning can summon wolves, vines, or birds of prey. It’s better to fill up the natural spells in the skill tree. The skill mix in the following article is for reference only, and it is recommended that players match the most suitable gameplay according to their own understanding.

The Necromancer core chooses bone spear and corpse explosion, so don’t choose it for the time being.

The necromancer’s own defense is very poor in the early days of pioneering. If you encounter a large number of enemies on the map, you will be easily killed. In the basic skill part, you can choose bone shards, which will launch 3 bone shards at the same time. The effect is similar to that of a magician. The ice shards are long-range attacks, and with the summoned skeleton warriors, it is easy to defeat the enemy without being hit. The core skill is Bone Spear. Compared with other skills, Bone Spear has the highest damage value. It is a perfect long-range attack skill when paired with bone fragments.

Choose Corpse Explosion for the corpse skill, which continues the skills of Necromancers in Diablo in the past. More enemies mean more weapons, and this skill does not consume soul energy. Whether it is early or late, this skill is very useful easy to use. But if you are fighting against a big demon king with only one alone, there is no corpse to cause damage, you can use the decomposition in the basic skills, and it will also drop corpses that can explode. It is recommended not to use the ultimate skill. If the Beta level is capped at 25 and there is a lack of equipment, it is better to allocate skill points to other skills to increase damage. The unenhanced unique skill damage is ordinary and the cooldown time is too long, so it is not worth using.

If you want to strengthen the Skeleton Warrior or Skeleton Mage summoned by the Necromancer, you can choose skills in the Book of the Dead. Skeleton warriors are mainly divided into attackers, defenders, and reapers. The first two options choose to strengthen the ability, and the last one is Choose to sacrifice the skeleton warrior to strengthen your own ability. The skeleton mage is also the same mode. The skeleton soldiers summoned in the early stage of pioneering are very useful, but the attack damage of the skeleton soldiers will become dispensable after the enemies encountered in the later stage become stronger. At this time You can choose to sacrifice the skeleton soldiers in the Book of the Dead to strengthen your own abilities.

▲During the public beta, the necromancer can summon up to 7 skeleton soldiers without matching equipment, including 5 skeleton warriors and 3 skeleton mages.

▲Basic skills choose bone fragments, and 3 bone fragments will be launched at a time.

▲ The core skill is Bone Spear, which is a physical damage skill with high damage value.

▲Corpse Explosion is a must for the corpse skill, the more enemies there are, the better the battle will be.

▲Choose the curse skill you like, and after the actual test, it is found that the effect is similar.

▲ The cooling time of the trick is too long, the level is low and the benefit is not high, it is more valuable to invest elsewhere.

▲The Book of the Dead can be strengthened for the summoned skeleton soldiers, which are divided into attackers, defenders and reapers.

▲The first two items in the Book of the Dead are to strengthen the ability of skeleton soldiers, and the third diamond-shaped icon is to sacrifice to strengthen one’s own ability.

The druid core chooses lightning, storm and smash

Druids that only appeared in Diablo 2, this appearance is a bit nostalgic for players, and it is also an alternative for melee players besides barbarians. Druids can transform into bears or wolves, and can also use summoning. Compared with barbarians, they have more skills to manipulate natural spells. After actual use, nature spells are much better than transformation spells. When transformed into a wolf, it can only attack one enemy at a time. Although it can attack in a wide range when transformed into a bear, its movement and dodge are slow, so it cannot defend against long-range attacks. enemy. It should be noted that druid is a profession that requires more special effects of equipment, so it is recommended to choose professions such as mage and necromancer during the pioneering period.

Druid’s natural spells can be divided into stone, wind and thunder. Wind and thunder are relatively easier to use than stone series skills, and the attack range is longer. You can choose Storm and Lightning as basic skills, which can chain attack 3 nearby enemies. The attack speed is fast and can quickly accumulate spiritual power. The core skills can be Lightning Storm and Shattering. It has an effect, but smashing will transform into a bear and slam the ground, killing the surrounding enemies in one go. When the spiritual power gauge is full, it can be used continuously for up to 3 to 4 times. The high damage value is very effective for clearing the field.

There are 4 types of defensive skills: stone, wind, wolf and bear. In fact, the best use is the debilitating roar, which can effectively reduce the enemy’s damage by 50% for 4 seconds, although the time is very short. , but is best used in actual battles against elites or bosses. Summoning skills can summon vines, wolves, and plundering birds. The damage value of the three summoning skills to the enemy is generally not much different, so it depends on which animal the player likes. You can choose the Hurricane skill for the Wrath skill. Using the Hurricane can blow away the surrounding enemies and cause damage. It is a large-scale skill, and the smashing skill can quickly clear the field.

Druid’s skills include soul boon, which can be used after unlocking, but you need to complete the quest of Druid: Spirits of the Lost Woodlands to use it. Offer a Spirit Offering to 4 Druid Spirits. The main mission must be solved to the second chapter to go to that map. Currently, the main mission of the public beta version is only open to the first chapter, so the druid test is over.

▲ Druids have transformation, manipulation of nature spells and summoning skills.

▲You can choose Storm and Lightning as a basic skill. The other 3 hammers, claws and earth spikes can attack 1 enemy at a time. Only Storm and Lightning can attack 3 enemies at a time.

▲The core skills must be Lightning Storm and Smash. Lightning Storm can strike enemies at a distance up to 5 times, and Smash can clear the surrounding enemies in one go.

▲The defensive skill is Decaying Roar, which can effectively reduce the damage caused by the enemy by 50%. It is a very useful skill in the early stage of pioneering.

▲ Summoning can summon poisonous vines, wolves or plundering birds, but the damage effects are mediocre.

▲The wrath skill is the hurricane, which can blow the enemy away and cause damage in a short time, and it is also helpful for clearing the field.

▲The final trick is Cataclysm, creating a tornado around you for 8 seconds, which is also a skill that can quickly clear the enemies around you.

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