Dialogue between bertsolaritza and flamenco, Oiasson

It is a dialogue between a bertsolari and a dancer ‘Red‘ show, Miren Amuriza and Askoa Etxebarrieta ‘La pulga’of, specifically. It is a place to think, embody and interpret our discipline in a more flexible and free way, and next Friday, the 11th of this month, in Irun Oiasso They will perform at the museum at 7:30 p.m.

The result of a process is ‘Red’, a site of experimentation. Hamar piecetan is a work of about an hour, in some parts both will work together, in others individually; sometimes with the help of guitar or percussion, with pre-recorded bases, and other times a cappella. They will follow the same path thematically; from death, isolation or violence to sisterhood, to seduction, to collective celebration.

So during the show, who sings or dances in their own language they will start and build a shared code based on a model that is essential for both: the song. They will use the symbolism of the color red as a thread for this, dealing with life and death, dangers and prohibitions, ideological burden, shame, desire …, a simple staging accompanied by guitar and percussion sounds.

He helped them with stage management Jon ChavezMiren Amuriza, and Askoa Etxebarrieta. On the other hand, the production was done by Lanku.

Tickets They can be picked up at the Hawaiian Museum on Friday, Dec. 11, starting at 10 p.m.


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