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DICE Staff Boycott Top Battlefield Insider

Studio staff DICE announced a kind of “boycott” in social networks to a famous blogger and journalist That’s why Henderson… The last about this incident wrote v Twitter.

According to Henderson, employees of the Swedish studio began blacklisting him. Activity DICE the blogger has recorded in the past few days.

Tom Henderson specializes in Brand Insider Call of Duty and Battlefiled… His activities annoy publishers, who tried to “shut up” the blogger.

So, according to the complaint Activision Blizzard the previous insider account was blocked after the publication of information about Warzone… And the lawyers SHE awarded Henderson with a strike after reports of Battlefield 2042.

The blogger is currently working on material about the state of affairs at DICE. According to him, the studio is facing a complete restructuring, within which most of the staff will be replaced with fresh personnel.

Henderson also added that about 87% of current DICE employees came during or after development was completed. Battlefield 1.

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