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DICE won’t release Santa skin in Battlefield 2042

The players of Battlefield They looked somewhat excited for the arrival of a special look for Boris, although some others felt that this character was the least suited to receive a skin of Santa. The point is that none of these players will have to worry, it seems that Boris It won’t be Santa this year.

DICE has said that currently “nor do you have plans to use“Skin her on this vacation. We assume this also applies to the Big Nic skin for the M1A5 tank. “The development of Live Service requires us to work months in advance and allows us to have options when we reach key moments in our first year“the statement read on Twitter.

Today we have other priorities, so even though we have the skins, we currently have no plans to use all of them on this vacation. We also create unique cosmetics for one-time use in special modes of Battlefield to further enhance fantasy at special events.

Throughout our service, you may occasionally find these cosmetics locked, which do not affect the rest of the game. It provides all of us who work on Battlefield with exciting new opportunities that allow us to explore with more creative freedom than ever before. Having you all the time during the trip is something we do not take for granted, and we will be grateful to hear your experience with those modes.

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Separately, we will start our weekly missions next week where you will be challenged to complete objectives and will be rewarded with new skins. Once obtained, you will get new items for your collection and we will have new skins available. to unlock each week on the way to the first season “.


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