Dictionary under review: How the Duden is secretly gendered

LAccording to Duden-Online, a tenant is no longer “someone who has rented something”, but a “male person who has rented something”. All 12,000 personal and occupational titles in the online database are to be changed in this way, as the WELT publisher announced on request. In future there will be one word article for doctor (only “male”) and one for the doctor.

The Munich linguist Elisabeth Leiss criticizes the rewriting of the definitions sharply. It is grotesque and absolutely irresponsible to claim that lexemes such as schoolchildren, doctors or tenants do not have a gender-abstracting meaning, she says. The Duden editorial team was apparently completely addicted to the “current gender nonsense”. And Ewa Trutkowski, linguist at the Free University of Bolzano, explains in an interview with WELT that the changed definitions do not reflect linguistic reality. The Duden suppresses essential aspects of the meaning of these nouns.


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