Did Adam Demos have a prosthesis for the shower scene? We have the answer!

Driven by Sarah Shahi, Mike Vogel and Adam Demos, the Netflix series “Sex / Life” unleashes passions, and raises many questions… And that does not only concern the intrigue!

Indeed, one scene has aroused many reactions on social networks, you can imagine, it is that of the shower with Adam Demos. We see him completely naked, revealing his penis, which we would see almost for miles in the long run!

So, prosthesis or not prosthesis? No response from the principal or the film crew. On the other hand, it seems that a member of the production spit out the piece … by revealing that it was indeed a prosthesis. It is Newsweek which unveils the information, and which specifies that the team had hesitated between several sizes, some of which were even larger!

This information is quite plausible since Sarah Shahi confirmed having used prostheses for her breasts: ” In the scenes of the past where we see my character with Brad, they are mine. But since I play a breastfeeding mom, I couldn’t have the same breasts in the present. So I had to endure three hours to apply a breast prosthesis She told Entertainment Weekly.


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