Did Arnaud Delvenne, the Belgian from “Top Chef” qualify for the final?

Find the most unexpected dish“, this is the challenge that was launched to the three semi-finalists of Top Chef, Sebastien, Louise and Arnaud. Each in turn, the candidates had to impose a dish on their comrades. If the test is won by the person who launched it, then no points are awarded to the candidates. On the other hand, the semi-finalist who wins the test imposed by another candidate will win a point.

The Liègeois opens the ball with a dish who talks about his childhood“, the reinterpretation of a… tuna fishing!”I suggest you go tuna fishing!“, launches the young man under the questioning gaze of Louise. “I’ve never heard of this stuff in my entire life. It’s weird“, comments the candidate of the Darroze team. “Tuna fishing is a national dish”explains Arnaud before concluding “Do yourself a favor but pay me homage please!

Arnaud’s revival of tuna fishing knocked out his opponents. Although she showed imagination by representing a fish and the fishing rod on the plate, Louise finished in third place. “There is a gastronomic dimension but in the taste, I get lost a bit because I don’t have the Belgian referencesexplains Belgian chef Sang Hoon Degeimbre after tasting Louise’s dish alongside Philippe Etchebest.

Me, what I like is to surprise and to be where you don’t expect me“, launches Louise who will, in turn, impose a dish on Sébastien and Arnaud. And, indeed, the surprise was there. The candidate offers her comrades to make a dessert with pork blood and offal . “We’re going to have to keep a cool head on this event, it’s not going to be easy.”, launches Sébastien with humor. “I could bleed on a dessert but I never made a blood dessert“, retorts Arnaud. To taste the dish, Philippe Etchebest is, this time, accompanied by Simone Zanoni, expert in Italian cuisine. Judged “exceptional“, Louise’s dish is positioned at the top of the ranking. The counters are therefore always at zero.

Sébastien is the last candidate to launch a challenge and proposes the reinterpretation of a hare à la royale. The three-starred chef Christian Le Squer in turn rates the dishes of the semi-finalists alongside the Meilleur Ouvrier de France.

At the end of this test, the finalists will be known. By beating Sébastien on his own event, Arnaud gains a point and therefore qualifies for the final. Moved to tears, the Belgian also made his squad leader, Glenn Viel, cry. “I am the first Belgian to reach the final of Top Chef,” says Arnaud. “Going from solitary candidate to finalist Top Chef, who would have believed it? It’s still a Belgian story that guys, I tell you!“The Belgian is joined by Louise, second runner-up this season. For his part, Sébastien is therefore forced to give up his apron.”I won’t make the final but that’s okay. I hope I don’t disappoint anyone“, declares, very moved, the loser of the semi-final.

Who of Arnaud or Louise will win the final of Top Chef ? Answer this Wednesday evening on RTL-TVI.

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