Did he cheat on Cynthia? Érika Buenfil and Rey Grupero star in romantic moment

The rumors of a new possible love affair with Rey Grouper arose after the youtuber and Érika Goodfil were seen in Only Took and in Instagram recreating the most famous scene from the movie DisneyThe Lady and the Bum“.

In the clip you can see the two influence about to kiss after each sucking the end of a spaghetti, but avoiding in the end that this act was carried out.

In the video you can see that the one who breaks the tension is the “Queen of Tik Tok”, who tells her boyfriend Cynthia Klitbo Make it stop.

Oh, oh no, Klitbo hits me, behave yourself.

The youtuber shared the clip through his official account Instagram with the following message: ?? hahaha my wife is going to get angry @laklitbocynthia ??.

The video is part of several clips in which the influence has sought to create a link with the actress through its bill, so he has made it clear that it was all about a collaboration more.

In another clip, the boyfriend of Cynthia Klitbo refers to the videos of Goodfil They are no longer to his liking, a comment that annoys his companions, including Nicholas, son of the actress, who is apparently detained by a waiter so as not to hit the youtuber.

In the end, Goodfil appears saying: ?? Let the dogs bark, because there is only one queen ?? as always winning ??.


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