Did I say I can hear where you are? EPOS Sennheiser GSP 370 Wireless Gaming Headset (Genuine): Dana and DPG Defy My Heart

hello. Doldae X Rock type. Products reviewed today EPOS Sennheiser GSP 370 wireless gaming headset (genuine)It’s called a gaming headset..

Sennheiser is a German audio equipment manufacturer with a very long history.. The world’s first open headphone HD414starting from, Produced a lot of very diverse and good products.

Recently, a lot of headphones and wireless earbuds have been released., It also entered the gaming gear market and manufactures gaming headsets..

reviewing today EPOS Sennheiser GSP 370 wireless gaming headset (genuine)is one of Sennheiser’s gaming headsets.. Then we’ll see how good it is.

The sound of Sennheiser’s unique know-how100It features a time-loss-free, zero-latency wireless connection..(product DB explanation)

EPOS Sennheiser GSP 370 wireless gaming headset (genuine)is a generic headband type gaming headset without a head frame..

When fully charged 100can be used over time, Supports lossless, zero-latency connections even when connected wirelessly.

Rich sound quality with Sennheiser know-how.

EQadjustment, mic level adjustment7.1Supports channel upsampling.

A noise canceling function is added to the microphone to eliminate noise such as air conditioner or wind noise, enabling smooth communication..

It has a closed-back sound setting design that blocks out external noise so you can focus on your game..

weighs about 285gno see.

free ASthe period 2by year, it’s long.

today(2023.02.11) Danawa lowest price 165,440is a circle.

It has a luxurious packaging like a high-end headset.(Check product delivery status)

A layer of bubble wrap inside the shipping box, And it’s wrapped in plastic.

A picture of the product box. It is predominantly white, photo of product, exploded view, Specifications, etc..

Unfortunately, there is no seal label room..

Inside is a luxurious plastic sharpener designed to fit the size of the headset.. It also has the Sennheiser mark on it..

The components and headset are located inside the mower..

Dry metal coating design, volume control dial, It features a mic that can be rotated up and down..(product appearance, characteristic, Component Description)

It is a component. The basic component is the headset body.USB A to Micro 5pin, USB wireless dongle, There is also a manual and product warranty.. In addition, as an event, magnetic cables and Micro 5pin Provides magnetic connectors.

First, the magnetic cable provided by the current event and Micro 5pinIt is a compatible magnetic connector. usually EPOS Sennheiser GSP 370 wireless gaming headset (genuine)as a disadvantage of Micro 5pin I was able to pick up the charging port., If you provide these, I don’t think it will be much of a downside.

A quick guide in the documentation, safety guide, And there is an authentication number.

The quick guide explains well with text and pictures how to connect and use. Korean is also at the end.

This is the product warranty. It’s unusual that the warranty is packaged so nicely..

USB It’s a wireless dongle. USB Abeing of the typePC, vein, compatible with playstation.

This is the standard cable. USB A to Micro 5pinis the type. Outer material is rubber.

length is about 210cmas, it’s long.

There is a scratch protection sticker on the top of the headband., take it off and use it.

What the headset looks like. It’s all dark gray.

It has a dry metal coating that is scratch resistant..

A picture of the headband. top is plastic, The bottom has a memory foam topped with a fabric material..

And there is a hole in the middle of the headband.. This might make it a little less edgy, but, I seem to be sweating less.

And the headband is very flexible., It’s about to bend like the picture. Even if you break it like that, it won’t break.

Headband and ear cup connection. length adjustable by force, It has a very common length adjustment method.

on the inside Lclass Ris marked. Avoid confusing directions.

This is the outer part of the ear cup.. it is dark gray, It has the Sennheiser mark on it..

microphone on the left, On the right is a volume control dial.. I like that you can easily adjust the volume by turning the volume control dial..

A picture of the earpads. The ear pads are almost oval in shape.. top is wide, Looking at the narrow bottom, it seems to be just like the shape of an ear..

The earpads are made of faux leather on the sides., And the skin contact surface is made of soft velvet material.. It is good because it is less irritating to the skin.. I barely sweat.

The width of the earpads is approx. 8cm, Vertical diameter is approx. 11cm, thickness is about 2.2cmno see.

in the earcups 360 floating Suspension is used, The ear cups work well. Thanks to that, it seems to fit the shape of my face..

Status indicator on the bottom of the microphone LEDand Micro 5pin charging terminal, and there is a switch. Use the switch to turn on or pair the headset, Status indicator light lets you know battery charge status, etc..

This is Mike. The microphone is not a flexible microphone that bends well in all parts.. However, the middle part is made of rubber material, so it bends, Bent is not fixed.

Still, the microphone is very thick, so I don’t think it will ever be disconnected..

Note that raising the mic up will mute the mic.. I like how easy it is to mute the mic..

length is about 14cmno see.

PCIt looks connected to. LEDthe same as the status display LEDnone other than. so PCThere is no such thing as being grandiose by connecting to.

The ear pads are very soft and fluffy, providing a comfortable fit..(Product fit description)

It is comfortable.

The part that touches the skin of the ear pad is made of soft velvet material, so it is definitely less irritating.. Thanks to that, it seems to have a better soft feel..

If you adjust the length of the headband well, you can wear it softly without feeling pressured..

And I was worried that the part where the ear goes into the ear pad looked smaller than I thought., Ears fit well. It is definitely made in the shape of the ear, so it seems to fit well even though it looks small..

However, apart from these comforts, what was very good was that, that it is wireless. There is nothing to get in the way of the line, It was very convenient that I didn’t have to take off my headset when going to the bathroom or going somewhere else..

Finely tuned sound EQand microphone noise control.(Dedicated software description of the product)

Dedicated software for Sennheiser gaming products Gaming Suiteno see. Sennheiser Gaming official website(https://www.eposaudio.com/en/us/gaming)Or Phils Electronics official website(https://www.myphil.com/)can be downloaded from.

First, in the headset sound settings, detailed EQcan be adjusted. 64from 16kcan be adjusted up to.

There are also presets at the top for people like me who are not good at adjusting things like this.. MUSIC, ESPORT, MOVIE, FLATexists.

at the bottom 7.1It is possible to set and reverberate.

And there is a sound test function.. 10alternately every second EQApplies and does not apply settings. In this way, you can do comparison tests while listening to music or sound..

mic settings. Mike is EQbut unable to control, Presets and Voice Enhancement menu at the bottom EQchange is possible.

benefit, sidetone, noise gate, Noise reduction settings are available.

How big should the noise gate be for the microphone to respond?, In other words, it is a function to set how much less than the sound volume is set as noise., Noise removal is a function that sets how much to remove the sound set as noise..

The microphone also has a test function..

Last is the rest of the settings window. You can check connected Sennheiser devices here., block notifications, language settings, etc..

You can hear your opponent’s footsteps in the game, Good for detecting direction.(product music, video, Description of pitch in the game)

First of all, it is the sound in music.. EQI tested it by changing each preset.. Although there were some differences between the presets,, There was no dramatic difference. The flat mode also sounds very loud, probably because the output is good in the first place..

7.1You can feel the space by turning up the channel.

I also watched the video. I can feel the realism, I can hear the voice clearly.

I also played games. It’s a gaming headset, so you should definitely play games..

Vivid impact and sound effects.

FPSI tried it in a game where the same sense of direction is important.. For reference, I recommend this headset EQin the game 3DIf there is a sound function, use it, in dedicated software FLAT Presets are recommended. even in game 3Dturn on the sound function, Even in dedicated software 7.1If you use a channel, it is said that the volume of the game may be reduced because it is applied redundantly..

In games like Overwatch, you can hear the footsteps of opponents very well.. So it’s easy to infer where the other person is just by listening to their footsteps.. Looking at something like this FPSA good mouse is important for gaming, but a good headset is also very important.. and EPOS Sennheiser GSP 370 wireless gaming headset (genuine)Is FPSI think it’s good enough to play.

AimLabIn the game called, you can test which direction the sound is coming from.. I set a high record with this headset.

Latency because it is wireless(latency)There may be concerns that. I haven’t noticed any lag at all in my games.. You may be able to feel it if you are playing a game that is very sensitive to sound latency, such as a rhythm game., There’s nothing wrong with playing games like that..

A high-performance microphone that records well.(Product microphone test)

I did a mic test. If you increase the mic gain, Even if you say very little, it is recorded clearly.

It also has a noise canceling function, which is good for blocking external noise to some extent.. However, if you hit the keyboard too loudly, it can’t filter out that kind of thing., Adjusting the microphone gain or using a quiet keyboard would be nice.

overall rating


– Luxurious packaging

– The skin contact surface of the ear pad is made of soft velvet material to reduce skin irritation.

– Intuitive volume dial and mic mute

– 100The convenience of a time-loss-free, zero-latency wireless connection

– Excellent sense of direction


– Not a flexible microphone

EPOS Sennheiser GSP 370 wireless gaming headset (genuine)Is 100Supports time-loss-free, zero-latency wireless connection, enabling long-lasting use, Excellent sense of direction FPSIt was a good quality gaming headset to play the same game.. If you want a gaming headset that will last a long time and has a good sense of direction EPOS Sennheiser GSP 370 wireless gaming headset (genuine)We recommend.

This user review was written with products provided by Phils Electronics..

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