“Did Sharks Attack Cameron? New Video Emerges After Cruise Ship Jump”

2023-05-31 14:04:25


Jumped off cruise ship – does video show sharks approaching Cameron?

Cameron Robbins (18) celebrated his graduation on a cruise ship in the Bahamas and jumped overboard in the night. Since then he has disappeared. Now a video is doing the rounds showing him in the water.


A test of courage that will almost certainly end in death: Cameron Robbins jumped into the sea in the Bahamas at night, which is known for its many sharks.


  • Cameron Robbins (18) jumped into the sea from a cruise ship in the Bahamas on the night of May 24.

  • He has been missing since then, and a large-scale search was unsuccessful.

  • A video has now surfaced one evening showing Robbins shortly after jumping into the water.

  • Voices are now being raised on social media that a shark is said to have snapped the graduate

  • But a closer look shows that it is probably the waves of the ship.

The dare of Cameron Robbins on a party cruise ship in the Bahamas on May 24 ended with a high probability of fatality for the 18-year-old. After jumping overboard during the night and to the hooting of his friends, he disappeared into the darkness within minutes. A subsequent search for the budding baseball star at Louisiana State University was unsuccessful and was discontinued after a few days.

Now a video has surfaced on social media suggesting a real nightmare: Cameron swims alongside the ship before disappearing completely into darkness. On Twitter and Tiktok, users claim that a shark approached Robbins in the dark (see above).

The fact that the 18-year-old fell victim to the nocturnal robbers could explain why he was not found even after days of searching – the Coast Guard flew over 800 square kilometers. And it would also explain why he swam away from the lifebuoy thrown into the water by the passengers.

waves or sharks?

There are two sequences in the video, the sharks or a shark in the water might suggest: A bright outline as Robbins first approaches the lifebelt. “When he changes direction, something that looks like a shark’s head comes out of the water near his legs for a second,” wrote a user on Twitter about the video.

Twitter users slowed down scenes from the video and claim they also spotted a giant tail fin. On the other hand, none of the passengers on deck apparently noticed a shark in the water.

Cameron Robbins first swam towards the lifebelt, but then quickly changed direction.


Also, if you take a closer look at the video, it becomes more apparent that the gray spots reflecting in the light are probably not from a shark, but represent the breaking waves of the ship. It is more likely that the probably drunk athlete could not cope with the underestimated current in the open water or simply lost his bearings.

Despite this, the Bahamas are considered shark-rich waters. Sharks are nocturnal, which means they hunt most actively. Over 40 species of sharks live in these waters. Sharks are protected in the Bahamas and their capture is prohibited by law. It is therefore not unlikely that Robbins was still a victim of the predators even after the video recordings.

The authorities involved, such as the American Coast Guard, have not yet mentioned a shark attack, and the voices in the video do not contain any relevant statements.

This pirate-like cruise ship was arguably the unlucky night’s party venue. The risk of being overwhelmed by the waves generated is great.

Blackbeard’s Revenge Bahamas

He celebrated his graduation

Witnesses said Robbins embarked on a test of courage when he jumped overboard from Blackbeard’s Revenge at 11:30 p.m. According to media reports, the police are investigating. The ship was near Athol Island, an uninhabited island northeast of Nassau.

Robbins had just graduated from Louisiana State University days earlier and was celebrating with fellow graduating students. A 58-year-old American woman was killed by a shark while snorkeling in the Bahamas last September.

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