Did you receive your first dose when you are not yet eligible for vaccination? tell us

To avoid wasting doses of the vaccine, some people not yet eligible for the anti-Covid vaccination have already received their first injection. – SYSPEO / SIPA

Vaccinate as much as possible, and in priority the most vulnerable to the coronavirus. This is the government’s vaccination strategy, which, for lack of sufficient doses to immediately vaccinate all over 18s, has established the priority audiences: those over 75 – and since this week the over 70s. , those over 50 with co-morbidities and caregivers. But in practice, some manage to receive their first dose even though they are not yet eligible for vaccination. No scandal or privilege in sight for these lucky few called to receive an injection to avoid wasting unused doses. Whether in a vaccination center, in a doctor’s office or in a pharmacy.

Have you just received your first injection when you are not yet eligible for vaccination? How did you get this meeting? Was it your doctor or pharmacist who contacted you? How did the vaccination go? You can testify by filling out the form below. Your testimonials will be used in writing an article. thank you in advance

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