Diego Chávarri is caught selling Agua Dulce canchita | SHOWS

The , was surprised to be caught selling a piece of land in a wheelbarrow on the beach of the , Sweet water.

This time, it was the followers of the ‘Instarándula’ portal who recorded the when preparing a package of the snack like the well-known street vendors.

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Diego Chávarri selling canchita in Agua Dulce “, reads the message that a netizen wrote to the journalist Samuel Suárez.

Diego Chávarri is caught selling a canchita in Agua Dulce. (Photo: Instagram)

The event was recorded last weekend at Agua Dulce beach. That is why many followers of the exchico reality began to wonder if he was going through a bad economic situation.

Meanwhile, another group of users decided to praise their impetus to resort in some way in these difficult times due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Diego Chávarri and his partner Onelia Molina

The exchico reality Diego Chávarri used his Instagram account to given to him by his partner Onelia Molina.

5 months with the person who completely stole my heart! Yes! With ups and downs, but always betting on this true love that we have !! I love you my love!! Thank you for making me so happy in all this time! FOREVER…“He wrote on July 13, the date on which they celebrated another month of their romantic relationship.



Diego Rodríguez on Alessandra Fuller: “We are no longer dating”

Diego Rodríguez on Alessandra Fuller:
Diego Rodríguez on Alessandra Fuller: “We are no longer dating”


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