Diego Pardo Cuéllar was declared innocent in the case of sexual abuse of his daughter – Investigation – Justice

After almost six years of litigation – between prosecutors, family judges, criminal judges and lawyers – on Friday, the judge of the 48 criminal court of the circuit with knowledge functions of Bogotá acquitted Diego Pardo Cuéllar for the charge of sexual acts with a minor under 14, aggravated.

Pardo had been prosecuted for the alleged sexual abuse of his only daughter, a girl who was between 3 and 4 years old at the time of the events. The case came to the Prosecutor’s Office by certifying copies of a family office in which there was a process with Margarita Herrera Mercado, today his ex-wife.

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During the hearing to read the ruling, in which Pardo Cuéllar was acquitted, neither the Prosecutor’s Office nor the Attorney General’s Office appealed the same. Action that was expected since two weeks ago during the hearing of allegations, the same accusing entity had requested the acquittal of Pardo.

The lawyer representing Margarita Herrera Mercado, the criminal lawyer Francisco Bernate, did appeal the ruling and it is expected that in one or two months the Superior Court of Cundinamarca will rule – in second instance.

Pardo Cuéllar, 46, is a business administrator, the son of the former mayor of Bogotá Diego Pardo Koppel. While Margarita Herrera Mercado is the daughter of the former president of the Constitutional Court, Hernando Herrera Vergara.

My wish is to see my daughter now. The problem is that my ex-wife went to live with her in the United States and I have no contact

‘I want to make up for lost time with my daughter’

I’m happy, now I just want to get my daughter’s love back“Diego Pardo told EL TIEMPO, who pointed out that for 5 and a half years he has not seen the minor.

Pardo and his wife stopped living together in March 2013, precisely in the middle of the arrangements made by the couple so that Pardo could see their daughter was that the abuse complaint was born. The lawsuit was filed by Margarita herself.

The business administrator, who has an electronic invoicing company, said that in 2018 there was an official divorce with his wife.

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With the acquittal the parental authority of my suspended daughter is recovered. My wish is to see my daughter now. The problem is that my ex-wife went to live with her in the United States and I have no contact, “said Pardo.

He indicated that he is assimilating the news and that for now he thinks about the good of his daughter. “I think one should grow up with a mother and father, so I could ask for joint custody, the important thing is her,” he said.

Likewise, he stressed that for him this acquittal means “recover my good name, my honor. Many people believed in me, have been by my side and have supported me, for them my eternal gratitude “.



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