Diego Pérez’s word after the release of “The fantastic 4 of humor”

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After a year where the curtains were down by the coronavirus , the theaters were prepared with rigorous protocols for the season 2021; so they were offered again shows in the main tourist spots of the country. However, The fantastic 4 of humor did not manage to beat popular fear of contagion and after a low level of public, leaves the marquee less than a month after starting, made by which Diego Perez gave his word exclusively to Success.

He actor who was part of the comedy work, with a suitcase in hand and a lot of sadness, revealed to this medium the background of the lack of success with the show this season. “Influenced that there are very few people in Mar del Plata and that we try to make a very strong bet “, Pérez began openly.

Along the same lines, the former Videomatch clarified that the producer of the show, Dario Arellano, did a great advertising campaign in The happy to summon the public to return to their seats and enjoy a while of laughter; although, unfortunately, they were unlucky.

“Arellano did a great advertising campaign, made a very large investment because I trust us“lamented the actor who starred in the play in the Atlas Theater beside Carna, Alfredo Silva and Scorpion.

The economic and health crisis hits the theater

Mar del Plata is one of the most chosen tourist spots in Argentina to spend the holidays, and every year, with different variations, The happy it has a long record of good theatrical seasons. This time, according to Pérez, the great city on the coast is not being able to cope with the low number of people in theaters, which alarms the producers.

“What happened is that the investment was not recovering, the sale was not what was expected and the producer decided that we should not continue forward, which is very understandable, “said Diego in greater depth to clarify the reasons for the drastic decision that was taken with The fantastic 4 of humor, which had debuted on January 6 and will end its functions on Sunday 17, as notified on Wednesday morning Carlos Rottemberg.

As for how they will continue, Pérez answered with great sincerity: “Perhaps the idea is to advance the tour that we had in mind, if we can, and if not we will see what we do.”

Open heart with Exitoina, the actor added: “I’m going to the terminal and there are almost no people, Mar del Plata is no longer the same as always and there is not the amount of public that we are used to having here in La Feliz “.

When asked about the effects of the pandemic when people choose to stay at home or go to cut a ticket to enjoy a good play, the former Telefe figure answered honestly: “Look, there is a lot of fear with the issue of restrictions, many people lowered their reservations. Most of the shows are pretty much in the same situation, although some are going to hold out a little longer. “

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Fantastic 4 Humor 0113

There is a lot of sadness, because one bets on a project throughout the summer until March inclusive; so well, a little sad. I also live from this and I love it, and I am sure that we will succeed and we will look for something else, or at least we will be willing to work in another activity that is within what we know how to do, “he said. Diego Perez regretting the events, although with a hint of hope in the face of the difficult moment that is going through not only in the country, but throughout the world.

Despite the fact that for his pocket and professional activity it is a hard setback, Diego did not want to stop thanking all those who are making great efforts for the shows to take place. “You have to put your chest to the situation. I am grateful to Rottemberg, who at least managed to open 30% of the theaters and to Darío Arellano, who made this strong investment and covered the entire city with the play, because we really did a lot of press, “he said.

“But hey People this year did not dare to come to Mar del Plata and to the theater either, so sadly we have to lift functions“, Pérez concluded in dialogue with Exitoina.


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