diesel is in the process of reaching records never equaled in Belgium!

Motorists who pass by the gas station box are currently struggling to follow the numbers. Not those who count the liters injected into their tank but those who will fix, the last drop introduced, the addition. Especially if they have opted for a diesel powered model. It’s very simple, we are 1.30 cents from the national record ever recorded in Belgium! Currently, the maximum price for a liter of diesel is € 1.6210. To go back to a higher price, we must stop at November 7, 2018.

>> The record is located between the date of October 9 to 16, 2018!

Over the last ten or even thirteen years, there will therefore have been only those 15 unfortunate days when we paid more for a liter of diesel than today!

The increase in 365 days is 22.5%! Imagine that you fill up with 50 liters of diesel, it will cost you 81.05 €. This is what it cost you a year ago.

>> It is useful to remember what is the current price made of.

>> Belgium is today the second most expensive country in the EU


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