different symptoms for the English variant

According to a study conducted by the National Statistical Office in the United Kingdom, cough is a symptom much more common in patients infected with the variant B.1.1.7.

The B 1.1.7 variant, also called the English variant, causes symptoms that may be different from those so far observed in patients with Covid-19. This is what a first study of theOffice for National Statistics, a British state agency.

The study is based on data collected from people who tested positive for Covid-19, and in particular makes it possible to compare the symptoms experienced by patients infected with the classic strain of Covid-19 with those infected with the “English variant”.

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Less loss of smell in variant patients

The authors of the study make it clear that these are “self-reports” of the symptoms of patients, covering the period from November 15, 2020 to January 16, 2021, ie two months when the variant B.1.1.7 s ‘has spread throughout the country. The data analyzed only concerns people who test positive and live at home, which excludes people who are sick in hospital or in retirement homes.

It is thus noted that the loss of taste and smell are less frequently reported by people affected by the variant B.1.1.7. Respectively 15% and 16% of patients with the new variant report these symptoms, against 18% and 19% for people infected with the classic strain. These are the only two symptoms listed to be reported less often by patients.

Cough, the symptom most often reported by patients with the variant

On the other hand, other symptoms are more frequently declared by patients of the English variant. The difference is particularly notable concerning the cough, declared by 35% of patients with the variant, against 28% of patients with the “classic” strain, which makes it the symptom most declared by patients with the variant, ahead of fatigue. In people infected with the most common strain of SARS-COV-2, headaches are the symptom most often reported by sufferers.

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A symptom reported by 32.5% of patients with variant B.1.1.7. against 29% of patients with the classic strain of Covid-19. Another notable difference regarding muscle pain. One in four patients with the variant reports suffering from it, compared to 22% of those infected with the common strain of SARS-COV-2. Throat and headaches are also more often mentioned by people infected with the English variant.

More generally, note the authors of the study, patients with the variant are more likely to present symptoms of Covid-19 (53%) than those with the common strain (48%).

The English variant, around 10% of cases in France

In France, the “English variant” continues to occupy an increasing place in contaminations. Evaluated at around 1% of tests in a study conducted in early January, at the end of January, it would represent around 10% of new cases in France, according to an “estimate” mentioned by Gabriel Attal on France Inter.

For his part, the Minister of Health referred to the passage “from 500 patients per day affected by these variants at the beginning of January to more than 2,000 currently affected by these variants”, without distinguishing between the British variant and the variant South African, much less widespread in the territory.

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