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digital turn to process passport returns

Eight municipalities of Caquetá are still waiting for eleven bridges and two drainage works or box coulvert, agreed between the Government and the Grupo Empresarial Líbano SAS through contract 320 of 2018, signed for 8,194 million pesos. The most advanced bridge of all, as of June 25, was that of El Doncello, with 62% progress, followed by that of Morelia, with 34%, and then that of Florencia, with 3%. And, regarding the drainage works, the advance was 62% and 86%. On the contrary, the bridges of La Montañita, Milan, Puerto Rico, San Vicente and Albania had not even been started. The person in charge of the construction received an advance for 2,347 million pesos through Fiduciara Bogotá SA, although this was not foreseen in the specifications, says the Comptroller, but with an otheri during the execution period they modified the form of payment. Despite the existence of an audit contract between Invías and the DICO-INCOL Consortium, the control entity considers that the work was insufficient. In fact, it found that in July of last year the National Planning Department stopped the transfer of royalties to the project, precisely because of the detected breaches.

The Government argued that the project was presented by the municipality of San José del Fragua, so that technical deficiencies are not its responsibility and that the supervision of the correct execution of the contract is carried out by the auditors. For his part, Invías defended the auditor’s work, noting that he fulfilled the functions in accordance with the law and the same contract. For the Comptroller, “the entities do not distort the reported observation, so it is validated and confirmed as an administrative finding with alleged disciplinary, criminal and fiscal incidence for $ 2,347,931,275.” According to the control entity, for the value of said advance there would be a presumed patrimonial damage.

The municipality of Ataco, Tolima, signed contract 218 of August 6, 2020 for 1,047 million pesos to improve its tertiary roads in three different sections, with a period of six months of execution. However, when the deadline was only twenty days away (10 / 2020-06 / 2021), progress was only 8.9%, and two of the jobs had not started. The municipal mayor’s office did not answer the doubts within the legal deadline to the Comptroller’s Office and, when it did – on August 21, 2021 – it requested an extension to do so. He said that he did not comply with it due to software problems that prevented his employees from accessing the emails sent by the Comptroller’s Office. However, as the closing of the analysis of the control entity was the 27 of that month, they did not accept the request. Therefore, there is an administrative finding with alleged criminal and disciplinary incidence.

From the Comptroller’s performance, two of the allegedly criminal findings correspond to the municipality of Ataco: the pre-contractual and contractual stage of contract 218 of 2020 for the improvement of tertiary roads, for a value of $ 1,047 million. The judicial alert is because the works have not been completed and in two cases they have not even started. And for the work contract 649 of 2019, of $ 4,665 million for another road work of Ataco, the control entity requested to open a preliminary inquiry to determine an alleged patrimonial detriment due to delays. Although the execution period was six months, after 420 days the works were only at 31.11%. The Comptroller also asked to investigate contract 320 of 2018, for the minimum progress in the construction of 11 bridges in 8 municipalities of Caquetá for 8,149 million. They all add up to 13.907 million pesos.


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