Dijon 0-0 OM: it doesn’t always work … – Season

On Wednesday, the management of André Villas-Boas’ match had brought out a classic football expression: “winning coaching”. He put Dimitri Payet on the bench and when he brought him in, the team immediately reached another level. The number 10 scored and even if his celebration was debatable, he agreed with his coach right down the line. Suddenly, three days later, when Villas-Boas changes three players before the hour of play, with Payet still in the field and the team ends the match being less dangerous than before, can we speak of “coaching loser “? Objectively, we can answer no, arguing that it concerns the changes that destabilize a team to the point that it concedes a goal, it has already been seen. Average coaching for a draw, suddenly? In the analysis, we are still not far from defeat as this Dijon team was weak and it did not seem to be a field where it was really necessary to lose points on the way.

Against this kind of team, you have to know how to score quickly

André Villas-Boas’s analysis just after Dijon-OM gets along. Faced with this kind of team, which knows how to defend with two lines grouped together, even if it means no longer aiming for victory other than on an individual feat, OM do not have 36 solutions to win: you have to score quickly to force them to discover itself. Other teams can play it differently, going through a more direct and less aesthetic mode by fixing a player in front, who can magnetize the balls. Whether it’s his size or his ability to grab the attention of the entire opposing defense, as Memphis Depay does in his style, for example. But OM don’t have that in store. So, we must hope to score quickly. Because in addition, we must do with the management of playing time of each other, fatigue too, while the Marseille club is playing every three days at the moment. So, we can accuse the fatality, like the coach of OM and almost say that it is bad luck to blame. We can also tell ourselves that there was room to force fate, to try more offensive madness in view of adversity. After Angers at the end of December, it’s a very disturbing second copy outside and the series should not be prolonged, otherwise, it is no longer useful to dream of a podium.

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