dileep old mobile phone: Dileep replaced the phone with a new one; കബളിപ്പിക്കുന്നതിനുള്ള നീക്കം എന്ന് ക്രിംബ്രാഞ്ച് – actress assault case, dileep changes his old mobile phone, submitted new mobile for investigation says crime branch


  • A new turning point in the case
  • Did changing the phone destroy the evidence?

The crime branch has found that four accused, including actor Dileep, had changed their mobile phones after registering a case alleging conspiracy to endanger the investigating officers investigating the attack on the actress in Kochi. The crime branch says it concluded the phone was changed to destroy evidence. Indications are that the new phones were taken on the day the case was registered. According to the crime branch, there was a conspiracy behind this to sabotage the investigation.

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Following the revelations made by director Balachandra Kumar, the accused have submitted new phones as per the request of the crime branch to collect evidence. The probe team said the move was a ploy to deceive the probe team by handing over new phones.

The Crime Branch SP said that notice has been issued to the accused to produce the old phone. Mohanachandran said. A forensic report on some of the digital equipment seized during the raid is yet to be obtained. He further added that the progress of the probe could be ascertained only after receiving it. Dileep The probe team, which questioned the accused for 33 hours, is presenting important evidence in court today.

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Despite being interrogated for three days and summoned by several people involved in the case, Dileep and the other accused are adamant that they have not committed any crime. However, one of the accused said that the old phones were handed over to the lawyer. The probe team has also asked the accused to produce the old phones today.

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