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Diligent running and good image are recognized by the grassroots.

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Wang Yumin was recruited by the Kuomintang to participate in the Chiayi County Mayor election.Flip through Wang Yumin’s Facebook

(Reporter Chen Mingwang/Taipei Report) Under the call of the Kuomintang Central Committee, former legislator Wang Yumin put in the election of Chiayi county magistrate, known as the “express rule”, against Weng Zhangliang, who was seeking re-election; Local people said that Wang’s image is fresh and he is a child of Chiayi, and he has been affirmed by local people. As long as the county governor election gap is kept within 100,000 votes, the next legislature election will have the strength to challenge the Chiayi Mountain Line legislature.

Cai Zongren, chairman of the Kuomintang Party Chiayi County Party Representatives Association, analyzed that although the DPP has the advantage of being re-elected in the Chiayi County Mayor election, the county residents have been tired of the DPP for too long; if the legislators can’t get rid of Chen Mingwen, then It’s okay to change the county magistrate.

Cai Zongren believes that the KMT sent Wang Yumin in the county governor election. She is feminine, has a fresh image, and has a good mouth. Under the circumstance that the general environment is not favorable for the Kuomintang, as long as Wang is willing to deeply cultivate Chiayi, this time the county magistrate will lose the election. In 2024, Wang Yumin will have the opportunity to challenge Chen Mingwen and win the legislature for the Kuomintang.

Local people from the Kuomintang have observed that Chen Mingwen may hand over the baton to other members of the faction in the next legislature. If this is the case, the express regulations will inevitably be loosened, and the votes of supporters may not be all transferred to the successor, then Wang Yumin has a good chance to win the throne .

But local people also said that Wang Yumin’s biggest problem in the current county election campaign is the lack of food, and he doesn’t even have a decent propaganda material.

Ling media original website:Diligent running and good image are recognized by the grassroots.

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