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Deportivo Independiente Medellín beat Patriotas Boyacá 2-1, for the second date in League I-2021. The powerful one went from less to more in the meeting and although he was down on the scoreboard, his forward Agustín Vuletich appeared, who scored a double to add the first three points in the championship.

The first two minutes of the game, Patriotas generated a couple of occasions on the goal guarded by Luis Erney Vásquez, by Cristian Barrios and Edgardo Rito, with more desire than precision. Medellín was surprised by the onslaught of the visit and little by little it sought to engage in the core area. The visitor held the ball and before reaching the rival area, he finished off the goal. At minute 8, Kevin Aladesanmi shot from medium distance, but the ball was deflected.

At minute 18, a foray into the left side of Patriotas by Barrios, David Loaiza for cutting the ball, hit him in the hand, which Nicolás Gallo did not hesitate to sanction the penalty. A minute later, Óscar Vanegas charged and despite Luis Erney Vásquez’s save, the captain of the visit took advantage of the rebound to send the ball to the back of the net. Patriotas won at a time where the spearmen showed interesting things, intensity and order.

But the happiness did not last long for the visit, at minute 23 and after a corner kick taken by Matías Mier, the ball was left in the first post of the south goal by Agustín Vuletich, who with his right leg left goalkeeper Carlos Mosquera without reaction , tying the game for Medellín. After the goal, the locals reacted, recovered the ball and attacked the opposite, with wing play, causing corner kicks.

At minute 31, Robert Harrys surprised the rival area, with a right-footed shot from outside the area that was lost by the end line. Patriotas reacted, although with less solvency than in the first minutes of the game. The game was going back and forth, although without a specific dominator.

At minute 41, Robert Harrys in a great individual play, crashed with goalkeeper Carlos Mosquera before entering the Boyacá area. However, referee Gallo was fouled in attack. The last minutes of the first half were very short, with fouls for both teams.

In the complementary stage, Medellín made a variant; Jean Pineda retired and Yesid Díaz entered. While Patriotas kept the same players and the same game idea proposing, dominating the ball and pressing short.

At minute 5, a collective move led to a goal by Agustín Vuletich, but the Argentine was in an advanced position and although he managed to finish the play, it was already canceled. At minute 12, a reaction from Patriotas ended in a goal by Arley Bonilla, but it was disallowed in principle for out of place, although it was checked by the VAR, the decision was maintained.

On minute 24, Patriotas made two variations, seeking to refresh their payroll. However, at minute 25, Agustín Vuletich put Medellín ahead after a shot with a right leg, half scissors from the center of the area, after a cross by Juan Guillermo Arboleda from the right sector. The Argentine scored his second goal in the League with the powerful jersey.

Although Medellín was not an overwhelming team, it has an inspired striker. Patriotas had shown solidity, but with the passing of the minutes he was crumbling in his game and did not achieve the same pressure as at the beginning of the second half.

In the end, Medellín achieved an important victory at home, against a Patriotas who had the courage to propose a game with pressure and order, but with the passing of the minutes, especially the second half, he could not maintain that game. Medellín adjusts 10 consecutive victories at home against Patriotas.

On the next date, Independiente Medellín visits Atlético Bucaramanga, while Patriotas will face Boyacá Chicó in Tunja.


Independent Medellín 2-1 Patriotas Boyacá

Independent Medellin: Luis Erney Vasquez (7); Juan Guillermo Arboleda (7), Víctor Moreno (6), Andrés Cadavid (7), Germán Gutiérrez (6); David Loaiza (6), Jean Pineda (6), James Sánchez (5), Matías Mier (6), Robert Harrys (6); Agustin Vuletich (8).

Changes: Yesid Díaz (6) by Jean Pineda (1 ST), Leonardo Castro (6) by Robert Harrys (29 ST), Juan Carlos Díaz (SC) by Agustín Vuletich (34 ST), Yulián Gómez (SC) by James Sánchez (45 +2 ST).

D.T.: Hernán Darío Gómez.

Patriots Boyacá: Carlos Mosquera (5); Jorge Posada (6); Óscar Vanegas (7), Mairon Quiñones (5), Federico Arbeláez (6); Edgardo Rito (5), Santiago Orozco (5), José Leudo (5), Cristian Barrios (6); Arley Bonilla (5), Kevin Aladesanmi (5).

Changes: Stewart García (5) by Jorge Posada (24 ST), Misael Martínez (5) by Arley Bonilla (24 ST), Jesús Arrieta (5) by Kevin Aladesanmi (30 ST).

D.T.: Francisco Abel Segovia.

Agustín Vuletich (23 PT), (25 ST) for Independiente Medellín. Óscar Vanegas (19 PT) for Patriotas Boyacá.

Admonished: David Loaiza (7 ST) for Independiente Medellín. José Leudo (40 ST), Misael Martínez (45 + 1 ST) at Patriotas Boyacá.

Driven out: there was not.

Figure: Agustín Vuletich (8).

Referee: Nicolas Gallo (6).


Atanasio Girardot.

Assistance: without spectators.

Juan Camilo Alvarez Serrano

FUTBOLRED correspondent


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