Din Din Italian Haejang, 4 cups of espresso to relax your mind rather than relieve your stomach.

‘Household mate’ DinDin was satisfied with Italian-style seafood.

In the MBC ‘family register mate’ broadcast on the 5th, singer DinDin was drawn to Milan, Italy, where his second sister lives.

On this day, DinDin revealed that the main character of ‘Square Dream’ was the second older sister, and expressed his closeness, saying, “I got along well with my younger sister since I was a child.

Afterwards, DinDin tried to get upset by saying that he drank a lot of alcohol the day before because he and his brother-in-law Marco had to deal with it. To this, the second sister suggested, “Then why don’t we try to do it the way Italian kids do today?” To this, DinDin expressed his anticipation by saying, “Then are you eating tomato soup or something like that? With pizza?”

But the place my second sister took me was an espresso shop. There, her second sister surprised DinDin by ordering 4 cups of espresso. In response, she recommended the second sister, “Trust me only. Try it once and see if your stomach really heals.”

DinDin drank a cup of espresso and made laughter by making a whispering sound from a deep danjeon. Then, he said, “Did you just look like a Korean?”, but he sympathized, saying, “That’s why you drink? It’s not about relaxing your stomach, it’s about waking up your mind.”

By Shin Ji-won, staff reporter for Tenasia [email protected]

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