Dina Dash posts a 5.30 minute video of dancing with 16 of her friends at her wedding … Watch

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To the songs of “Backstreet Boys” and “Beyonce Knowles” and “Salika” festival, blogger Dina Dash published a new video of her dancing, her friends and groom during her wedding that was held last Thursday, and it is still the top interest of the pioneers of social media.

“Dash” appeared surrounded by 16 friends who appeared as bridesmaids dancing around her. Her groom appeared surrounded by 8 of his friends.

Farah Dina Dash

The duration of the video was approximately 5.30 minutes, and “Dash” commented on it: “The complete version … for all bridesmaids and honorable people.”

Yesterday, Dina Dash thanked all her wedding attendees and those who wished her good invitations and helped her wedding Thursday go out in such an attractive way.

And through her official Instagram account, “Dina” wrote: “Thank you very much for all the love! I would be a little away, but before I left I had to thank everyone who put their hearts and souls in making our wedding day aflame! ”

She added: Amazing wedding planners, you don’t even need to say anything, you’ve seen it all! They are the best and most flexible people I’ve dealt with.
“Dina” thanked her wedding dress designers, her hairdressers, and everyone who helped her out with this look and continued: Dina Ragheb .. she made me feel 100% like me, but with a little daring, and this is true art. Richard, thank you for taking good care of me and understanding what I need without To say that «.

Dina Dash, the blogger, and the artist’s sister, Ahmed Dash Trend, topped social media sites after her wedding Thursday, which witnessed an attractive organization and the presence of her close friends.

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