Dina Fouad on the authority of Mai Helmy: Static in the lack of literature… Enough to fill the country | news

Actress Dina Fouad criticized the presenter, Mai Helmy, who was suspended from work because of her interview with Ahmed Saleh, the former Zamalek player.

Dina Fouad expressed her anger at Mai Helmy’s behavior with her guests, which she described as “disrespectful”.

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Dina wrote through her Instagram account, speaking about Mai Helmy, presenter of the “Al-Hakam” program, and said: “It is true that we stayed in the time of metamorphosis according to the opinion of the leader, Adel Imam, the first time I spoke about something about someone, but seriously very provocative.”

She continued, “Do not say media, I wish you would say a monstrosity, a need with the utmost lack of manners and disrespect, and all the time a provocative person who wants to work in a rigid and undressed way.”

Dina Fouad added, addressing her speech to Mai Helmy: “Your Excellency, you are rigid, but in the lack of literature and provocation. Enough to fill the country. Salute to the respected Captain Ahmed Saleh.”

Dina Fouad’s comment about Mai Helmy

Mai Helmy was suspended from work after speaking in a sharp manner with her guest, Ahmed Saleh, player of the Zamalek team, which angered the guest, who threatened to withdraw if she continued to speak to him in that way, to welcome his departure immediately, which caused a wide wave of criticism, Al-Hadath TV pushed today to stop broadcasting its program, in addition to the intervention of the Supreme Council of Media and the Media Syndicate to suspend it from work and refer it to investigation.

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