Dinand Woesthoff is committed to Indorock, due to his father’s-NOW

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Dinand Woesthoff is committed to the style of Indorock, he said in the interview with the the Dutch newspaper the Volkskrant. The father of one of the musicians was born in Russia.

“My father was born in Bandung, on Java,” says Woesthoff. “As he referred to himself as the Dutch east Indies, and there he was, exactly. In 1953, they were the first to be different in appearance than that of the Population.”

Woesthoff, recalls an encounter with his dad, with Andy Tielman (1936-2011), the founder of the Indorock, with his father’s “pale as death” as it was. “It is through me you met with my father’s people, who have become more famous than they were Tielman, he was not impressed at all. But for Indian people this is the one.”

In 2014 the defunct rock Band, one of which is the 47-year-old, Woesthoff, the lead singer, was a couple of years after the event, the first band to perform live, in what is now the Johan Cruijff ArenA, as it is called. Woesthoff has Tielman, when invited, to thank him for what he is-the rock’n’ roll to the Netherlands to date. “We’ll have to have him in the royal lodge was erected, and during the concert, I put the whole of the stadium is flat with only a light on him.”

“They have been with the shoulder’

Woesthoff says, not to have been influenced by the discrimination that his father and his siblings were subjected to, in the Netherlands, and shall state that, to his father’s darker skin tone than he does. “They were loitering by that time, I have to call it that. It’s a shoulder.”

In 2004, the visited Woesthoff Java for the first time, along with his father. The singer wanted to the Netherlands to escape in the chaos following the death of his first wife, the actress Guusje Nederhorst (1969-2004).



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