Economy Dingolfing's new BMW plant manager announces "beautiful messages"

Dingolfing’s new BMW plant manager announces “beautiful messages”


Christoph Schröder has been plant manager at BMW Dingolfing since November 2019. The eleven millionth vehicle from Lower Bavaria has just been celebrated. New models will soon be launched. – Photo: Manuel Birgmann

“Beautiful messages” announced Christoph Schröder (54) in the first PNP interview as plant manager at the BMW location in Dingolfing, among other things, that the plant will get more models.

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You speak of “beautiful messages”, what are they?
Christoph Schröder: That we are launching the 4 Series Coupé in Dingolfing this year, which we are happy about – a great car. On the other hand, we will also get an electrified vehicle.

Schröder: I can’t say that now. It can be said that we are very good at ramping up e-mobility. We will hire 800, maybe even more, employees this year.

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Is only the 4 Series Coupé or the Cabrio coming? And are these models electrified?
Schröder: The coupe will be launched this year; the 4-series convertible will follow, we are not yet saying when. The fully electric i4 is built in Munich. Next year, the i-Next will be the first fully electrified model from Dingolfing.

The complete interview – and other things the new plant manager has said about the decline in production at the site in recent years – read now free of charge with PNP Plus and in the Saturday edition of the Passauer Neue Presse.


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