Dining with a Former Congressman: A Celebration Amidst Controversy and Uncertainty in Macau

2023-09-24 02:29:18

Last week, an old friend who was a former congressman was dismissed from his job due to the black violence incident and was arrested by the police. However, he was able to go home on a guaranty basis and the investigation will continue. After enough time to return to the police station, he succeeded, and he could continue to change the guarantee. In order to celebrate that he is still free, as an old friend, I invited him to have dinner with him just this past Wednesday. Since he was happy, I asked two more retired friends to have dinner with him to reassure him.

How could I have known that the Godfather of the Media, the Godfather with whom I often ate and had sex together, would never reply to me after reading my message about my dinner date with the criminal congressman? Feng, the former president of Xinbao and a media tycoon, called me and said that there was no problem with eating and that if he wanted to borrow money, don’t ask him. Even if he borrowed one yuan, he couldn’t because of the national security law. My whole family can’t do it. National justice is absolutely correct. I cannot be a traitor. As a member of the press and a National Day preparatory committee member, President Feng is so bold that he dines with a suspect who may have violated the national security law and is under investigation. This proves that Boss Feng is the boss and makes it clear that friends are friends and we can only share meals together. In the execution ground, drinking the last cup of wine, although the way is different, but seeing each other for the last time, saying goodbye, fulfilling the morality of friends, being loyal to the country, and never messing up the peace of society.

So we three friends went to the top-level Lucky Pavilion at the Shanguang Dao Jockey Club to eat exquisite handmade dim sum, crab-covered pear cakes, and the taste was meaningful. Thirty-year-old beef with tangerine peel regulates qi and nourishes blood. Dessert is the classic macaroon tea. The dishes are carefully prepared, the dishes are heart-warming, and the sweet soup is heart-warming, but this meal is really different from Tao. Friends, they eat and drink, but I don’t know if it is the last farewell meal. Although we were sad about separation, the three of us still spoke eloquently, which attracted the attention of the guests around us, including Zhao Shizeng and other high-ranking officials and celebrities. The manager of the Jockey Club has repeatedly urged and advised us to reduce our noise.

As soon as he sat down, the boss Feng shouted loudly and said to the members under investigation, “You will still worry about you and the world first. I will be a villain before being a gentleman. Don’t ask to borrow money, not even a cent, I will never.” I won’t borrow it. The congressman before the investigation grabbed the crab lid, moved the spoon and ate all the way, with relish and endless enjoyment. When I look at his eating appearance, I feel a little relieved. At least he is eating well and eating happily. As an old friend, I feel a little at ease and comfortable because of his eating appearance.

When I eat beef with dried tangerine peel and watch my old friend get fired due to social incidents, I think of Lin Zuo, the brother of the currency speculation host. I opened my mouth to tell my old friend, a former congressman, that Lin Zuo was arrested by the police. A week ago, I told my old friend from a newspaper that, truth be told, this friend would be jailed sooner or later. This friend likes to be in the limelight and constantly steps on the red line. He thinks he has read the law twice, so he thinks he knows the law and constantly challenges the law. For example, he hit the exit of the Yangtze River Center with a truck and ran away. In the past, he had to wait for God to take care of him. Today, No, I thought no one would see it, but today, there is CCTV. I couldn’t estimate it, but I guessed it correctly. As a result, I had to go to the embassy office again.

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Previously, Jimmy Lai fired me, and after less than a year, he called him niece and came all the way from Canada to find me. I thought about it and decided to find me to help him publish Apple Daily. I invited his niece to have a meal at a five-star hotel, ordered her to go out to the front desk to pay the bill, and then ran away immediately, all of which was a waste of time. Not long after, Fatty Li asked someone to find me as the general manager, and asked us to be the publisher of Hetai Media. I immediately told the whole company that I didn’t want to go to jail, and I didn’t make any money from this job. I even called Boss Cai, who printed the horse scriptures for One Media, and said that sooner or later, the Hong Kong government would shut down the newspaper office and the printing press of One Media, quickly find a printing factory, and urgently move away all the printing business he did for you and leave. All business and any relationship with Next Media.

My old friend, former Congressman, after listening to what I said, he guessed that Lin Zuo was arrested by the police and that fat guy Li was in jail. He suddenly added, “I even guessed that fat guy was in jail.” I immediately felt heavy in my heart. I sank and thought, “You know, I walked out of the front desk again, walked to the United States, walked out of the parliament, raised my hands and feet, shouted, waved the flag to cheer. If you don’t do your job well, announce your separation from violence, and stand up for the Hong Kong people in the parliament Strive for the best treatment and the best living environment. I got it today. All my old friends thought you had an infectious disease. They even invited everyone to come to the Jockey Club to eat high-end handmade snacks and vegetables, but they didn’t dare to come or leave a message. “Of course I immediately, as silent as a quail, dared not speak out, for fear of embarrassing him and making him work hard, so I finished my meal and sent him away.


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This issue is about tourism in Macau, the final chapter, but I also want to write about my experience of unauthorized rooftop construction. So this issue is a cocktail chapter on traffic in Macau and unauthorized construction.

In the past, to go to Macau, you had to take a boat. If you wanted to go to Macau by car, it would be a waste of your life. In fact, unless it is due to physical problems, no one is so stupid as to make a big circuit from Shenzhen to Macau, starting in the morning and setting foot in Macau in the evening. Therefore, Stanley Ho definitely made a contribution to Macau society. When the Iranian dynasty came to power, Ho immediately used all possible means to protect the Iranian Straits. The American Boeing aircraft factory designed and produced military jet boats, bought them back, and converted them to civilian use for transportation. Hong Kong compatriots who bring unlimited money and pay tribute to Macau will have the time to transport gamblers to Macau by large ships from one day to one hour. Accelerate the people of Hong Kong and donate Ho Sheng Baobao. In the past, when I went to Macau, I took a big boat to deliver barbecued pork rice. Instead, I switched to a jet boat and read Sing Tao Daily. I didn’t even finish it. I arrived in Macau in an hour. In the blink of an eye, I was sitting in the Lisboa Casino and enjoying the baccarat table, which is comparable to today’s high-speed rail. Train, you can win endless wealth quickly.

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Today, transportation in Hong Kong and Macau no longer crosses the sea. The addition of the Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao Bridge has changed the habit of sailing by boat, making it more convenient for Hong Kong people to go to Macau to have fun and win. “Real Mom” ​​will definitely feel dizzy, vomiting, and seasick when taking a boat. From now on, she will be able to go to Macau as many times as she wants with great energy. Fortunately, she doesn’t like gambling. Otherwise, our family will be homeless sooner or later.

If you drive by yourself and make a reservation to park at the Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao port, parking is 200 silver per day. But take the MTR to Tsuen Wan, take the bus to the expressway, and get to the port in less than half an hour. The transfer to Kimba is NT$30 for seniors and NT$69 for adults. If you register for the lottery and win the lottery, you can directly drive your car to the Macau port and park until it gets wet, all for free.

It took less than 40 minutes to get to the Macau Port. It only took 5 minutes to clear the customs. There was a free casino bus. I saw a long line of gamblers and a long line of people at the taxi station. We were a group of 6 and took the bus. It was good. The express train arrived and everyone piled on. We, young, middle-aged and old, were able to pile into the bus and go on a happy vacation. It was so convenient. We arrived at the Wynn Casino quickly, had something to eat, and went to the Luwan Haitian Hotel. The Macau taxi boss, like all the crows in the world, once took a free casino bus from the Grand Lisboa to the Lisboa Casino in Taipa, and then took a taxi back to the Black Sands Hotel. After telling me the name of the hotel, Brother Taxi immediately made a phone call and called for help with his old friend. He said, “I got into the God of Plague. I didn’t do it before, but I can’t do it now. If I enter the black sand, I will definitely eat ginkgo on the way back.” After the taxi man cursed the customer, he drove around in a big circle, and the fare doubled from 30 or 40 yuan to 70 yuan before he took us to the hotel. So when going to Macau, except for the free casino bus and public buses, other transportation options are free.

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The strong winds in Hong Kong have blown solar panels all over the streets. It rained non-stop, and the heavy rain turned into floods and landslides, revealing a luxurious seaside house with unauthorized construction on the ground floor and shackled dungeons. The life of a rich man may change in a matter of minutes, and he may return to his heavenly home. When I saw the news, I prayed for the billionaires living in illegally built and dangerous houses, hoping that they would escape from the disaster. These greedy rich people are the best of capitalism. Therefore, Marx said that the end of capitalism is the evil nature of human beings and the moment of human destruction. It was only after the emergence of Marx’s socialism that capitalism was able to be restrained and restrained, and it continues to this day. These rich people who build arrogantly and recklessly do not know how to control themselves and restrain themselves. They constantly want to make money, deceive, dominate and exhaust themselves. Maybe one day, the rich people who build arrogantly will fall from their big houses into the abyss or into the sea. In the shark’s mouth and stomach, it becomes minced meat and fish feces, which will end their capitalist desire for domination. I hope that today, when they see their dilapidated houses, they will change from now on and become well-behaved rich people who have a conscience and abide by the rules, give back to society, and do not take advantage of society.

Let me tell you the story of buying an unauthorized building. In 1985, I bought the first floor. When I looked upstairs at Waterloo Road, I saw a terrace with numbers outside the house, so I decided to buy it. The second time I bought a house with a few thousand square feet, I built a house with a few thousand square feet on the rooftop. After viewing it on the first day, I had enough money, so of course I bought it. We lived there for about 4 years. When we moved to a new house, we actually walked around on weekdays. We slept in each room, ate in the hall, and went to the rooftop room upstairs. Counting, 4 years 10 fingers, none of them have been fucked. I have lived here for 4 years and I don’t know if I have fucked more than 10 times. So I always ask myself, what am I doing with this big thing? Is it for me or you? Go, wear those sets of clothes, understand us, buy so many clothes, so it’s all about yourself, why don’t you kill yourself, so I asked myself, what should I do if I love so many clothes, and what should I do if I love such a big room? Woolen cloth.

I think a person is comfortable with 500 feet of space, but there are three of us at home. I control myself and cannot live more than 1,500 feet. In addition to controlling myself, I also want to let my children know that people cannot expand infinitely, and they cannot live like this. Balloons can be blown up indefinitely, because they will eventually burst. Therefore, people must learn to control themselves and not constantly inflate themselves, including weight. If it is not about health, problems will arise. People have hope. If human beings do not know how to control themselves, they will have problems. There is no hope for the earth.

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