Diomedes Díaz and the story of his years in prison

In the time that he lasted in jail, the artist put him every day three dozen flowers to the Virgen del Carmen to help him get out of there.

“Niña Carmen, help me no more, help me. The rest I will solve ”, she expressed in an interview that they did when she was deprived of her freedom.

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He also told the journalist that he had never given someone drugs.

Never. May God punish me if I have. In addition, everyone is the owner of their actions “he said, referring to the evidence that would allegedly show that Doris died of a cocaine overdose.

Moreover, his younger brother, Elver Díaz revealed that the artist was never the same again after this dark moment in his life.

“For us it was very sad. At that time my mom, my dad and all her brothers we suffered a lot because for the first time Diomedes was involved in one of those episodes. It was a life that lay ahead, and it really was something that marked us“, Held.

And he continued: “Diomedes was a happy person, used to singing to people and having fun with his audience, but being locked up was very sad. He fell into depression, cried, got sick and it was very hard for him. We knew his nobility and we knew that he was incapable of committing such a barbarism; but despite the difficulties, he always had faith in God and in his Virgen del Carmen“, he claimed.

He also revealed that the disease left him many sequelae, and that after this came the separation with Betsy Liliana, which changed him completely. In addition, he assured that These two events in his life deteriorated him until the day of his death.

“Diomedes changed with the death of Doris Adriana, his health began to suffer and he himself deteriorated as a person“, he specified.


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