Diomedes, the Chief of La Junta | Chapter 111 – Part 2

Diomedes goes to find Lucia and before saying goodbye, he apologizes for having made her suffer so much.

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After listening to the song that Fabian composed, Diomedes (Orlando Liñán) decides to go to the house of Lucy (Kimberly Reyes) to sing to her, but she never appears.

Later, Elvira (Adriana Ricardo) goes out to look for his son since he is very affected by the separation with his wife. Seeing him with a broken heart, she advises him and makes it clear that it is too late to regain Lucia’s love.

Consuelo learns that Diomedes is separating from his wife.

On the other hand, Lucia meets with a lawyer and he tells her that he is responsible for half of all of Diomedes’ assets.

Given the situation, ‘The monkey’ Arjona (Víctor Hugo Trespalacio) communicates with Diomedes and asks him to come to his house to talk a few things with Lucia.

In the news, he announced the separation of ‘el Cacique’ and Lucía. Besty hears the news and is speechless.

Diomedes arrives at Lucia’s house and although he tries to get her back, she makes it clear to him that the marriage has come to an end. ‘El Cacique’ apologizes for all his mistakes and sings ‘The brown window’ and ‘You are the queen’.

Diomedes is still devastated by the separation with Lucia and decides not to get on the stage. At that moment, Betsy arrives and convinces her to sing to her audience.


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